29 October 2010

Indonesia Hit by 3 Disasters

-Mass grave: Indonesian residents and soldiers arranging coffins of the 33 victims of the Mount Merapi eruption in a trench during a mass funeral in Sidorejo, Sleman, in Central Java yesterday. — AFP

I read online news this morning and I came accross an article about our neighbour country, Indonesia was hit by 3 disasters in 24 hours time. 
It was earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruption. 
I am really sad and sympathy to those who suffer the lost of their loved ones.
We should be grateful that we're living in a peaceful country.  
A safe place to live from such disasters. 
I pray may GOD bring peace and patient in their heart.
And may GOD grant them wisdom to find a safe place to live.
I pray too that may GOD continue to bless and protect our country.

To read about the article, read HERE.

Till then, 
always praise to GOD for we're still alive today.
And don't ever take things for granted.

See you again,


  1. God bless them all. Tidak dapat dibayangkan dengan kata-kata kesusahan yang terpaksa mereka lalui...
    Betul tu Stella, bersyukurlah kita punya negara tiada bencana macam tu. Ini kadang-kadang ada juga yang tidak pandai duduk diam kalau negara aman damai...ada saja yang dibuat supaya rakyat berantakan...

  2. Sumandak Kinabalu:
    Ya ba.. kalau suda aman jgn lg lah kasi huru hara. Bersykur lah kita di negara yg kira bebas lah kan dr tu bencana2.. Praise the Lord..

    Harap2 mereka tabah dan lepas ni pindah tmpt yg lebih selamat.

  3. Oh dear, this is really sad. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are and complain about petty little things. It's not until we see news like these that makes us realise we are absolutely blessed. Have a good weekend Stella!

    PS/ Tu hari bah kan, sia tinguk-tinguk gambar ko di Facebook and I saw that you're friends with Lisbeth Juin. You know, Lisbeth and I grew up together in the same housing area in Sandakan, with her house only a few minutes from mine. What a small world this is!!

  4. How sad TwT
    Thanks for sharing darl~
    We have many reason to be thankful and so many items to pray. May the blessing of the Lord be with everyone

  5. Mmg bersyukur sbb Msia terlindung dr semua tu..

  6. May god bless them.
    Wish this kind of thing will not happen to our country. God maybe want to help them know that, when they got trouble time like this, Malaysia one of the country who willing to give them help for free. They already talk many bad thing of Malaysia in the past. But we still consider them as families.

  7. May God bless their souls.. May their families find their comforts..

  8. Agree with Fely. Kita complain2 pasal betapa susahnya hidup kita, ada lagi orang yang lebih susah dari kita kan.

    God bless them.

  9. ada teman blogger ku yang menetap di sini.Harap dia ok.salam takziah utk keluarga mangsa.Syukur,kita tidak berada di daerah seperti itu.

  10. Fely:
    Ya..really sad kan. True most people forget how lucky they are and always complain about petty little things. We are actually blessed to live in a free country from that disasters.

    Oh ko kenal pla si Lisbeth. Sya kenal dia sebab kami satu kolej dulu masa di Melaka..hehe.. Ya, what a small world kan.. :D

    Have a good weekend to u too Fely..

  11. Glay:
    Yes, indeed it's a sad things..

    Thanks to GOD for we're blessed to live here in peace country. We should not take things for granted kan..

    Have a great weekend..:)

  12. Just:
    Ya kan just..syukur Tuhan..:)

    Have a great weekend..:)

  13. Zezebel:
    I agree with you zezebel. When in this kind of situation, Malaysia still wanted to give a hand to them eventhough they talk too many bad things about Malaysia. For us, they're still our families. To help the unfortunate because the natural human instinct let us to do so..

    I hope that the relation between 2 countries become more better and I hope they'll open their eyes already.

    GOD bless everyone of us.
    Have a great weekend. :)

  14. Richard:
    Yes, may God bless their souls. And hoping that they find their comforts..Amen

  15. Angel:
    Ya lah, kalau kita susah, Ingat lah ada org lebih susah dr kita. Jgn 'mengomplen' ja keja kita..haha... :)

    God bless all of us.. :)

  16. Si biskut:
    Ya ka?.. Harap2 kwn mu itu selamat. Harap2 lepas ni dia ke tempat yg lebih bebas dr bencana itu.
    Ya,salam takziah utk keluarga mangsa.Mmg kita patut bersyukur,kita tidak berada di tempat seperti itu.

  17. My prayers are with them.

    This could happen everywhere. We had devastating flood last year in Manila that claimed so many lives. Destroyed so many houses and cars were simply carried by current like toys. I was not affected but my brother's car was destroyed.

  18. Ia bah... menakutkan sia tingu... syukurlah kita nda pernah ada bencana mcm itu.. May God bless them...

  19. Jolly:
    Yes, this could be happened everywhere. Luckily your are not affected. Thank GOD.
    Have a nice day.

  20. Fuziani:
    Ya, syukur kan.. So don't let ourself take things for granted..:)
    have a great day.


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