12 October 2010

This Is So Cruel..

Hi fellow bloggers..
How is your Tuesday?.. Something good happened today?.. Any memorable things happened?.. Well, whatever it is, may it bring much peace and happiness in you.  For me, nothing much happened. I was at home for the whole day. I didn't go out for office since I have to look after the aircon man installing aircon at my living room. They took almost 4-5 hours to installed the air-conditioner and now looks like our home is not so hot and stuffy anymore. I am so glad..hehe.. :) And I did took pictures of the installation works. Maybe I'll share with you about it in some other day.. :)

By the way, I checked my Facebook late afternoon and to my surprised i came accross another sad news on my FB news feed.  As we all know, the whole nation just shocked by an accident incident of our Sabah's MP which claimed his life and a horror crash at  Negeri Sembilan-Malacca border where it killed 12 people. And today the news of a staff nurse which was reported missing last Saturday was found dead in a drain at Kingfisher area widely spread in Facebook and online news.

Honestly, I was really shocked by this. In fact, I am still shocked. This is so cruel, so horrible. Why should they really have to do this?  How dare they did this.  They have no mercy at all. Pity on the nurse and at the same time my heart fills with anger towards the murderer.  What would they feel if the same thing occurs to their sister, mother or female relatives.  I can't even imagine what they were thinking while doing the murder..

Condolence to Mr John Dimas and family for the lost of their beloved daughter. May Ms Annie John Dimas rest in peace. I pray, may the Lord GOD will grant wisdom to policemen to seize the murderer sooner so that the responsible man will get his rightful punishment for what he did.

-The report about the missing nurse and update news please read here.-

Reminder to our female friends. Don't walk alone. Please walk in group wherever you go. Always keep the car door locked after entering your car. Always pray may GOD protects you. Yes, I am praying that may we're all in safe journey, safe condition and in safe place. Remember that always take effort to take caution wherever you are to avoid this things happen again..


  1. sya pun baru baca psl news dia ni d FB...thanx to FB and friends who feed the news up...kasian...may her soul rest in peace

    ps;btw, i saw in my follower list...followed u as well and adding u up in my bloglist :D Have a good day ya

  2. AngelBear: Ya, true... Out there is not safe anymore..

  3. Mrs Graig: ya kasian kan..may her soul rest in peace and sya harap tu penjenayah kena tangkap cepat2..

    Oh, thanks so much for following and for putting me in ur list..:)

    You have a pleasant week. :)

  4. Ya, so scary nowadays...
    I don't understand kenapa ada manusia yang tergamak ambil nyawa orang lain sesuka hati...
    Kemalangan jalan raya pun semakin lama semakin menakutkan. Nak salahkan siapa?

    Apapun, semoga semua keluarga mangsa tabah menghadapi segala dugaan yang menimpa. Walaupun pahit, tapi itulah hakikat kehidupan...

  5. Sumandak Kinabalu: Ya manusia yg tergamak mengambil nyawa org lain ni mengalahkan binatang.. Sya pun tdk faham apa yg drg fikir.. Yg kemalangan pula, kerana kecuaian org lain, org lain lg jadi mangsa..Mcm2 suda dunia skrg ni kan..

    Ya, semoga mereka tabah.. Dan dpt teruskan kehidupan dgn tenang..

  6. Kesian.. but mmg skrg ni nowhere is safe anymore.

    Tu pembunuh pula happy2 pula d luar sana.. hmm..

  7. Just: Itu lah..kesian.. Mmg mcm tiada lg tempat selamat.. Saya harap tu pembunuh cepat2 kena tangkap..

  8. We live in the world of sick people..condolence to Mr John Dimas. Hope the murderer get his/her 'pay'..

  9. I only knew about this after reading your post. Thanks for the update..

    The world is going crazy nowadays. Bikin takut ja.. Even mau jln2 saturang pun tidak selamat suda ni.. There's no where safe to go.. Tba2 sa teringat kes budak UMS dulu tu.. Bukan d area Kingfisher jg ka tu?

    Apa2 pun, may her soul RIP & let justice be done..

    God bless..

  10. Alv0808: Ya, mmg sick people oh.. Saya pun tdk faham knapa ada org mcm ni.. Ya, condolence to the family..

  11. LadyKath: Thanks for visiting and reading the post. Nah, nasib juga ko baca sini..terinform juga ko berita terkini.. :)

    Ya, sya rasa yg student UMS pun sana juga tu kejadian.. Bikin takut oh kan.. jgn la jalan2 sana saturang.. bahaya.. Tapi dunia skrg ni, mana2 pun tdk selamat ba.

    Ya betul, harap2 cepat kena tangkap tu penjahat.

  12. kena hati2 even tempat yg ramai gitu pun masih berani buat jahat.

    org yg dalam pengaruh dadah biasanya tidak berfikir relevan bila dalam keadaan khayal. seboleh2nya elakkn dress yg menonjol & boleh bt org ghairah. dorang x sedar hukuman yg bakal dorang terima nti

  13. Sasa Al-Sharif: Orang mcm ni dia tdk kira org dress mcm mana. Kalau dia mau org tu jadi mangsa dia, dia tdk kira tu. Mmg ada sakit mental ni org. Mmg betul, tmpt ramai org pun bahaya.. Teda lg tmpt selamat skrg..

    Thanks for the thought. :)

  14. May the murderer burn in hell!
    Marah ni! Heh!

  15. Nina Manson: Ya, sya pun panas hati tgk ni kes!.. Biar tu penjahat kena tangkap. Mau juga sya tingu sepa punya angkara ni.

  16. i knew this news from other blogger and ur as well..kingfisher tu can say black area jg kn cuz a lot pilaks der bah kli ni..tu kwsn kn sdg mbgun ni..byk lg bgunan drg mo bt kn..huh,da blogger say time she and her hsbnd passed dat area, sdnly stop cuz hsbnd dia sleepy...hsbnd dia say dia dgar suara perempuan minta tolong ni..huh..damn tul tu murderer..

  17. Sabrina: Thanks for reading this post. Ya i read the blog too. They said someone heard a girl's voice screaming asked for help. But it was at night and scary.

    Betul ckp ko, itu King Fisher area masi membgn, so bnyk pendatang asing tu sana jadi pekerja buruh. So kalau blh elak lah dr p sana..

  18. it's scary that those things we only see in TV is now happening around our neighborhood. *sigh*

    bikin takut betul macam tida safe saja mau jalan2 now.

  19. I don't have any words to describe my feeling right now... Deep inside my heart cry and my nose getting red... I can feel water in my eye... I just hope i can control myself if i meet the one who did this... May her soul rest in peace through our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

  20. Chegu Carol: Ya, true..ini bukan lg drama2 dlm tv. Ini betul2 berlaku suda di sabah. mmg scary.. tdk dpt di gmbrkan dgn kata2. tidak safe suda di sabah pun..

  21. MosePA: Sya pun sedih and at the same time sgt marah pada org yg bt ni. Mmg betul2 mengalahkan binatang ba org yg buat tu. Mohon drpd Tuhan Yesus tunjukkan keadilan satu hari nanti. RIP Ms Annie John Dimas.


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