27 October 2010

The Butterflies Place

Hi my dear blogger friends,
How is your weekdays so far?.. Is it run smoothly or not as you want?..
Hope everything is in good condition and in smooth track..
Things can be happened for reason. Always seek for GOD's help for everything that you are not happy with.

So, today I would like to share with you this place I called "The Butterflies Place". I went there on last September to get some idea what this place is about since I heard many people said this place dwell by various species of beautiful butterflies. And they are correct. As I reached there I can see those really amazing creation of GOD, flying here and there freely. You can see them closely and take their pictures. Sometime they seem to know that you are coming to visit them and they let you take their pictures. Interesting isn't.. :)

The place is at Kipandi Butterfly Park along the road Penampang-Tambunan towards Gunung Emas and is about 36km from Kota Kinabalu city. I think it's located 2km before Gunung Emas(if you know where Gunung Emas is). The road is slightly crook and you must be careful all the way. The fee is RM10.00 for 18 years old and above, while RM5.00 for below 18 years old..

Here are some of pics I shot.. :)

There are also small insectarium room which you can see over 800 species of butterflies and 1,800 species of beetles kept here. I think it is interesting to see all those kind of butterflies and beetles here. Most of them I never saw before. It creates an appreciation in my heart towards this creation of GOD, although some of them might dangerous to human kind.. ;)

A short walk from the butterfly enclosure is the flora garden. You can see various type of orchids planted here. They are so beautiful and really made me fall in LOVE with this place.. :)

Okay that's it for now. I hope you enjoy this post.
And don't forget to pay some visit here. I am sure you must be amazed by this beauty of creation of GOD.
Maybe you can spend some time this weekend with your family and friends..:)
To know more about this place, read HERE.

Till then have a GREAT Wednesday and GOD bless.



  1. Ahhh so relaxing la ni tempat.. syok klu mau dtg sini tgk2 tu butterfly smbil minum kopi heheheh.. mmg relax oo...

  2. Richard:
    hehehe..relaxing sbb atas bukit kan dearie.. and beautiful butterflies and flora hehe..
    Next time dtg lg.. :)

  3. Waw siok ni temppat cantik tu butterfly kan..kalo ada masa sa mau jalan jua p sana owh...

  4. Beaty:
    Ya, santik tu tmpt..ba kalau ada masa dtg2 lah melawat sana.. dan yg paling penting kamera..hehe.. Misti bw..:)

    Have a nice Wednesday..:)

  5. Waa juling mata tgk tu butterfly collections.. kira jauh jg tu tmpt kan.. klu purposely mo p sana, sure nda smpai pnya la unless mmg limpas sana.. hehe..

    Happy Wednesday, Stel. :D

  6. Just:
    Haha..Juling pula... Tidak juga jauh la tu Just, about 40mins ja sampai suda tu place.. Mmg Nice, lain kali blh lah jalan2 sana..hehe

    Happy wednesday to u too..:)

  7. Nice place and great pictures! :D

  8. Nina Manson:
    Thanks again for commenting here.. :)

  9. when i was still working in kgau, every weekend limpas ni tempat tapi tida lah pernah terfikir mau singgah :)

    nice photos!

  10. Chegu Carol:
    Haha..sama lah.. tapi bila ramai org ckp kalau mau ambil gmbr rama2 p la sna..trus sya pun try2 la p sana kunun..hehehe..

  11. Waaaaa....
    Siok ni tempat. Wish one day I can visit this place. Mungkin kita boleh ambil gambar butterflies sama-sama kan?

  12. aku selalu lalu lalang di sana, nda pernah aku singgah bah

  13. Zezebel:
    Ya kan...maybe someday kita blh ambil gmbr sama2..hehe
    Thanks for visiting here..:)

  14. Sharif:
    Haha..tu la kau.. P la bah singgah..hehe

  15. SJB:
    Thanks for visiting here too..:)

  16. Wah another great place to visit!! Ini pun sia tia pernah dengar good to know. Great pic stella!!!

  17. Rosc:
    Bah jan lupa jalan2 p sana..hehehe


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