26 October 2010

Finding the Lost Identity of Blogger

"Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things,
fact, habits, or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.
You have to tag the person that tagged you.
If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you."

I've been tagged by Mazeer. So it's my turn to do this. 
Thanks Mazeer for the tagging.  Here are the 25 random things about me.. :)

1.  I was born in Kota Kinabalu.

2.  I am the eldest daughter.

3.  My mother named me after a church she and dad married at. They married at Stella Maris Church, Tg Aru.

4.  I Love instrumental music. It calms my heart, releases some stress.

5.  I Love photography.I was a member of Photography club during my school days. And now I got my own gear. (actually hubby got 2, so the other one sya punya lah..haha)

6.  I want to be an Accountant when I was a kid but end up as an Engineer haha..

7.  People says, true LOVE is when you fall in LOVE until you found the right person. In my case, I fall over and over again with the same person hahaha..

8.  My youngest sister is 17 years younger than me. It's a lot of years isn't it?..hehe..

9.  I met this Mr Right when I was 18 years old and tied-knot 9 years later.

10. When i was in University, I dreamt of getting my own asset such as car, house and business. Car and house accomplished. Looking for business opportunity now..hehe

11. One of my friend said, I am easy.. Easy to be friend with, to chat with. So maybe that's me.. According to her.. :)

12. I Love to think positively and read those motivation and self-enrichment books.

13. I Love watching movies. Love the romance and action movies, but not horror one.. hehe

14. I hate when guys didn't flush after they're using washroom. Some of them let their urine spread here and there around the toilet bowl.. (Okay, I am not being sexist here. This is for the hygiene and cleanliness purpose. It's my experience from the office I work, because I'm the only lady there.. geli sya!!!! )

15. It broke my heart to hear news about a mother who dumped her baby as well as those who tortured and murdered kids. I cannot imagine how evil they are...

16. I am a faithful Catholic. I am following and practicing this belief faithfully.

17. I am shortsighted but more comfortable to wear contact lense than glasses. Current addiction is color lense with huge diameter..hehe.

18. I was a prefect when I was in secondary school for 5 years.

19. I'm now struggling to lose weight. My weight gained tremendously plus up to 4kg. That's the result of taking a lot of Western food and lack of exercise..hehe

20. I am KadazanDusun, and I got Chinese and Pakistan blood from my ancestors..hehe..

21. Only use to drive automatic car. Forgot to handle manual car already eventhough I used to learned it and used to got my P licence with it..haha.. :)

22. I got 6 siblings, 3 boys and 3 girls. I guess my mom is the best on planning her children gender..hehe

23. I am afraid of mouse, cockroach, lizard.. You can hear my voice screaming in full blast volume when I saw those things..haha.. (bukan takut bah tapi geli..hehe..cover lg..)

24. I Love Korean Drama. Current drama is 'Happiness in the Wind', weekdays on KBSW channel.

25. I registered on blogger almost 2 years ago. And I never LOVE blogging this much. I write on and off before. Until I found WSB and blogger friends in it. They are the soul of my blogging world now..hehe..  Thanks to all who're supporting me.

Okay, now you know more or less about me isn't...heheee

Here, I wish to tag....

1. Mazeer
2. Just
3. Wyne
4. NC
5. Zezebel
6. Chegu Carol
7. Sumandak Kinabalu
8. Azura
9. Kyle
10. MozePA
11. Gunsirit
12. Mrs Graig
13. Lyn Rashid
14. Michelle
15. Biskut
16. Cathj
17. Lina Ramsah
18. AnnieMing
19. Asai
20. Nancy Poh
21. Arly Jipun
22. Eve
23. LadyKath
24. MemelJoan
25. ChocoMint

That's it for now.. :)
Take care..


  1. Wah banyak kerja rumah saya sudah hehehe! Thanks for tagging, Stel!

  2. Wyne:
    Haha..keraja rumah baitu Wyne..hahaha

  3. AnnieMing:
    Hehe welcome..ya, bnyk suda keja rumah ko Annie.. Jan lupa kasi siap hehehe..

  4. muahahaahha, punya main panjang, takpa, besok saya gigihkan diri jawab, wakakaka!

    owh ya, betul cakap si zezebel, ada warning malware bila mau masuk blog ko, cuba ko try warning si rosinajosephabi. suruh dia remove apa2 yang patut :)

  5. matai la... ni kali la.. apa la kenen saya mau ckp nie.. muahahaha..

  6. mmg matai mo menjawab! abis semua rahsia kena kastau! teda sdh rahsia ni mcm oo... hahahah... ba, nnt sia buat... btw, sia suka nama sia d atas. hahahhaah

  7. atukoiiiii...hehe punya bnyk..
    bah, nanti sa pikir2 dlu apa mau simpan a ..hehe..
    thnks for the tag :)

  8. Wah... Punya bnyk soalan... Hehe... Tdk apa... Orang ckp, sharing is caring... Bah, Thank you so much stella sbb tag sya... Sya kan buat sharing untuk 25 soalan nanti sebaik jah sya hbs exam kio... Siou... Kena tunggu lama ckit... Itu yang best kan... Mesti tdk sabar2 mau tunggu sya punya nanti ni (prasan butul sya kan... Hehe...)... From this question, I starting to know you more and more as a members of WSB, blogger and sabahan... Hehe... Yeahhh...

  9. Azura:
    Ko mesti berusaha..hahaha..Mesti kasi siap haha..

    Ya ka.. this malware actually link from Zezebel lah kan..kenapa sya nda jumpa aa...heran ni...atukoii

  10. Just:
    Ko juga lah plg atas hehehe..
    Ba pa2 ja ba Just... Yg TOP SECRECT nda payah la tulis..yg lain2 lah hahaha..

  11. MosePA:
    Bah tumpukan pada exam ko dulu kio..hehehe.. Nanti nda pass sya pula disalahkan hehehe..

    GOOD LUCK..:)

  12. NC:
    hehehe..bulih ba kalau kau tu NC..sya tunggu dr ko...:)

  13. Sampai rumah trus buka blog nie, hahahahaha...terlebih addict suda ^ ^
    I saw your latest entry, dalam hati cakap harap2 si Stella tag...hihihihihi (punyalah sot)
    Bisuklah saya kasi siap ni karaja rumah kio, malam ni mau fikir2 dulu apa mau kasitau ^ ^
    But interesting kalau mau baca yang begini, boleh get intimate (jgn salah faham aaaaah...hehe) with each other.

    p/s no pin atm buli kasitau kah...hahahahaha

    BTW, memang ada masalah kali internet today. Balik2 saya kena warning ada malware attack. But not from you lah, everytime I open apa2 saja at Mozila and Yahoo mesti dapat tu message. Pakai Google Chrome baru hilang tu message...

  14. wow pjg jg ni.. sepa la cipta ni heheheh,, habis bocor rahsia kana kasitau semua heheheheh

  15. Nice! Semua org ada homework skrg.. Yg last kena tagged pun sa blum lg buat ni, Stella.. Tp sa bersemangat btul mau buat. Tunggu sa abis paper final sa dulu k.. ;)

    Bila dateline ni assignment? hehee..

    Thanks for tagging! Can't wait to put this in my blog!

  16. owh stella..ko taw betapa sukanya aku sebab akhirnya aku dapat memasuki dunia blog ko.Selama berapa hari nie aku selalu failed sebab malware detected..huhu..tapi aku macam ternampak jer nama aku kat list tag tuh..?aduhai stella.

  17. Homework to do :) Dulu klu di skul dna suka dpt homework ni but here I LOVE DOING IT!!haha..bah will do it later :)

  18. Richard:
    Hehe..dearie, bukan TOP secret ba kena kasi bucur sini ni..haha

  19. LadyKath:
    Ba bila2 seja ba..teda due date ni..
    Ba tggu abis exam ko lah dulu..hehehe
    GOOD LUCK..:)

  20. SUmandak Kinabalu:
    Hahaha.. Ko juga lah kan..satu2nya minta atm number hahaha..

    Nah, ko kena tag bah..tetap kena tag..jgn nda buat tau hahaha... Get intimate lg tu...hehehe..SIok ba kan kwn2 blogger ni...jadi good frens gitu..

    Ya ba ramai kwn2 blogger ckp akhir2 ni ada malware..sya pun heran oh.. dr mana pula tu..

  21. Si biskut:
    Ada malware detected ka?..
    Something is wrong lah internet ni.. i am afraid oh..

    ehem ehem.. ko tetap kena tag..buat tau..hehehe..:)
    Rindu ke..rajin2 singgah sini tau..kekeke

  22. Mrs Graig:
    Orait, sya tggu tu homework ko siap, since jo ckp you LOVE DOING IT..hehehe

  23. nice n3...hehehe
    sampat lg gia kau meng'jek' kan WSB kita tu ar....hahahaha

  24. Baby Yats:
    Hehehe..mesti lah sempat..hahaha..:P

  25. if you ask 10 people whats their ambition when they were kids and whats their current work...probably 1 or 2 saja yg ended up with what they wanted to be. the other 8 mmg lain dari yg dicita-citakan ...like me also. hehehe

    thanks. will find time to think 25 things about myself to kasi brag about hehehe

  26. odoii dogo..pa pun, sy tatap p jawab la kio..ponsikou ko tag sy..

  27. Chegu carol:
    Haha..betul cakap ko tu...hehehe


  28. Thanks for tagging me...the 25 things about me is in "View my complete profile" senction...klick saja la..ehhe..


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