26 October 2010


Hello everyone..  It's Tuesday already and we are in the last week of October. Time flies so fast.. Some people want it run fast and some wouldn't want.. Well, this is life.. As time goes by, we should appreciate life, cherish every moment and always in positive side of thinking. Yes, it's true.. It's good for your health, rather than always think about what would you become tomorrow, a year later, for the next ten years. Live the present.. don't let the future ruin your present life..

So, today I would like to share about this reunion conducted by the Wong Loong clan. They organized this reunion so that all the clan can gathered and as well as to keep familiarized with each other. The reunion took place at KDCA on last Saturday 23.10.10 around 11am.

To be clear, Wong Loong is my hubby's ancestor. Wong Loong's descendants are now reached it's 8th generation and my hubby is at 5th. 

A little story about Wong Long from the 5th edition Heritage Book:- 

Wong Loong (1835-1895), was believed to have made his way to the Land Below the Wind when he first arrived at Labuan from south of China around 1860. This was just after Labuan became a part of the Straits Settlement when the British had taken a concession of the island from the Sultan of Brunei. Wong Loong had served as blacksmith with the coal mining authorities. 

He subsequently turned his sights towards Borneo mainland. He came through the Papar River into hinterland and arrived at Kaiduan/ Timpangoh where he married his first wife, Siapa. After a while Wong Loong came to Penampang and married his second wife, Muata who was from Kampung Hubaa. He had son and daughter from Siapa and three daughters from Muata.

He settled in Penampang where he aquired land, kept a farm and generally lived a basic village life. He carried on with his skills as blacksmith and made regular trips along Moyog River to Pulau Gaya where he traded his iron tools and farm produce with Chinese settler there.  From information gathered through grandfathers, it was believed that Wong Loong died and was buried at Pulau Gaya in 1895.

Wong Loong's Decendants:-

Wong Loong + Siapa (1st wife) = Pungun (Son) and Lin Oi (Daughter)
Wong Loong + Muata (2nd wife) = Umbikan, Musayam, Tombii (Daughters)

1. Pungun + Siaham = Jinian, Tiandim, Ligunjang, Manjaji, Toisim, Leiking
2. Lin Oi + Tinjal = Tounggim, Linaim, Malian, Loinsam
3. Umbikan + Molujim = Luajil, Lajanjip, Manjagi, Tandi
4. Musayam + Lijangun = Tayuh
5. Tombii + Jominil = Loigim, Toniim, Toinim

And my hubby is from Lin Oi branch through Loinsam. Loinsam is his great greatmother.  His great grandmother had 7 children. The 1st one, Logunim is my hubby's grandmother. Wah.. such a long tread isn't. But I find it's interesting to know his ancestors..

Meanwhile, at the event all the Wong Loong clan should wear in specific color according their branch. Therefore, we wear blue in color since we're from the Lin Oi branch.

Pungun = RED
Lin Oi = BLUE
Umbikan = YELLOW
Musayam = "PURPLE"
Tombii = GREEN

We had fun with various type of performance and activities. There're lucky draws too. And we're lucky enough to won one of the draw..hehe

 -Wong Loong Heritage Book, updated once in 3 years-

 -The family-

 -Hubby's grandma-

 -I saw a picture of a friend of mine, Mary Ellen in the book. Now I know she's one of Wong Long descendant. She was my ex-classmate during our study in Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka-

 -Deleila Manjaji also my ex-classmate during secondary school-

- And Antonia was my senior back in secondary school-

I didn't thought that I would found someone I know in the heritage book. Creating this book and bringing altogether in one piece just like solving a mystery. Your long known friend could be your cousin, aunty, uncle or relative. Interesting isn't.. :)

And it feels like finding your origin is like searching for the truth. It's doesn't matter who we are, where we are and what would be our profession, we're always a piece from our ancestors. Thank you for them for we are here today. Because of them we 're here on earth, breathing happily and discovering the world, a beautiful creation of GOD... :)

“If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive in this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people.”
-Thich Nhat Hanh quotes (Vietnamese Monk, Activist and Writer. b.1926)

Till then, Stay inspired, Stay motivated, Stay positive.
And have a BLESSED Tuesday.


  1. Best kan menghadiri family gathering :)
    You know what, this November kami pun ada. Every year kena buat at Kg. Bundu Tuhan...I hope my boss approve my cuti sebab kena hari Sabtu and we work that day...
    Uncles and aunties, semua suda bagi warning MUST ATTEND! hahaha...and I don't like to disappoint them :)

  2. This family gathering thing is never miss event to me and my family.

    Ini baru sebelah hubby ko Stella, belum lagi sebelah ko sendiri..ekekeke!

  3. Family kami mcm nda pernah buat gathering ni.

    Sia slalu bingung the family trees and I did suggested to create the trees.. spy senang sia ingat. Hahah..

    Family ko bila kunun gathering?

  4. its really nice when you can trace back the trees :) especially liked what the monk had said!

  5. Sumandak Kinabalu:
    Mmg Best... Dpt jumpa ramai cousins and saudara2 jauh.. Wah kamu lg siok tu every year kena buat..:)
    Yg ni hubby sya every 3 yrs..

  6. Wyne:
    Ya ba wyne, ni baru sebelah hubby. Kalau sebelah sya lagi..adididi..
    True, an event not to be missed.

  7. Dempsey:
    Thanks for reading my post.. :)
    Have a nice day..:)

  8. Just:
    Family kami selalu gathering time krismas ja and new year. So, every year ada gathering lah..

    Tapi kami teda buat tu heritage book yg mcm hubby sya ni. So, sya ingat mau buat la nanti yg 1st edition punya hehehe.. Mcm siok ba mau tingu2, baca2 tu buku..:)

  9. Kyle:
    Yes, that's the right words.
    Trace back the trees. Interesting isn't..:)
    Ya, i Love the quote by the monk..:)

  10. kalau check2 balik tu wong loong clan punya tree, ada tu my hubby's family sangkut dlm sana juga...through marriage kan. somehow families got related.

    owh you are in-law is faye pula :)

  11. Chegu Carol:
    Aih ada kah?..oh ada pula..
    Nanti sya check..:)
    Ya, me in laws with Faye..:)

  12. i didnt know actually but si celine daya asked me my hubby name and told me got his name on this wong loong clan family tree. if i remember correctly ada tu family tree dlm tu wong loong punya website :)

  13. Chegu Carol:
    Oh gitu..lagi bagus kalau sya tau which branch ko punya hubby tu supaya senang sya cari nama dia..hehehe..

  14. Genograms! It would be very useful for the younger generations. My family pun is a very big family. We will have a big gathering this coming Dec 2nd at Miri.

    I noticed that the Sabahans have their family gathering every year. Jealous ni sa tingu kmurang dpt kumpul ramai2 coz for us, it's very hard to gather everyone together. This year will be our first try for my dad's side. I hope to organise one big family gathering one day.. :)

  15. Family Day klu hubby's side mesti every chinese new year kna buat...sbb durang ada darah cina kan..kihkihkih

    My side..baru 1st time kna buat this year pnya kaamatan..and mmg ramai ni :) best n thanks to FB..sebab ada FB la baru sinang bercontact2 utk organize ni :)

    ty for sharing this stel :)

  16. im not sure which branch is he already...but his maternal family name is disimon while his dad's maternal side is moligan.

  17. Ladykath:
    Siok ba gathering.. for us slunya for us Sabahan, slunya gathering time Krismas and Kaamatan.. Utk kenal saudara2 dan ahli2 baru..:)

    Ba you pun blh buat ba tu gathering.. So dont forget to blog it out k..:)

  18. Mrs Graig:
    Welcome gia... SIok ba kan bergather2 ni..hehehe.. Hubby ko chinese pula.. mcm ipar sya lah tu..

    Oh baru 1st time ka.. happy oh kan..:)

  19. CHegu Carol:
    Orait, nanti saya cari2...cubuk2..hehee..:)


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