19 October 2010

Happiness in the Wind..

What would come in your mind the first thing you read the title of this post?..

"Happiness in the Wind"..sounds weird right?.. For me, it sounds like a happiness that only be obtained temporarily, that means it is not lasting.. 

"Happiness in the Wind" actually a title for a Korean Drama that I watched weekdays. It is in Korean Channel on Astro, the 391 channel. The drama is about a girl, Obok who live her life alone without parents. Met a man, Daehan a single dad with a son, fell in Love and finally tied a knot as husband and wife. It never came in Obok's thought that her marriage will be ruined. After 7 years of leaving Daehan and abandoned her own son, Daehan ex-wife, Miran came back to Korea from United States. She wanted to claimed her son as soon as she knew that she cannot have a baby again due to some health problems. And not only that, she also trying to unite back with Daehan. 

It all begins when Obok gave Daehan permission to work in Well Being Company owned by Miran's father. And from this, Miran's father and Miran herself trying a lot of bad tactics to wins Daehan's heart so that Doklip (their son) will be sent to his birth mother. Miran also happy to see Daehan and Obok marriage life ruins. She did a lot of sabotage things to lead Daehan and Obok's marriage to breakup..

Oh my gosh!...  Korean Drama definitely full of drama. You can tell as if you are in that situation.. Haha.. Sometime I get too emotional while watching Korean Drama.

This drama is still on air every weekdays and I am still waiting for Miran to be paid back for the whole bad things she has done... Since the airtime is only about 40 mins long, I can't bare to wait anymore..haha.. Try to find on the net for this drama and I still can't find the full episodes.. Some said this drama still in shooting. That is why you'll cannot find the whole episodes on the net..  Hmmm..what to do.. Terpaksa la juga tunggu tiap2 hari depan tv..haha..

Okay, I end my post here for now.
Hope you are in nice Tuesday ahead.. :) 
Take care.


  1. Hadn't heard of this drama until now, certainly sounds addictive.

  2. Dempsey Sanders: It's Korean drama. You can find it on internet, just type the title on Google..hehe..
    Definitely Korean drama always makes me addicted to watch it till the final episode haha..

  3. Nowadays remote control is controlled by lil Rayyan. So we prefer to watch movie in any channel rather than dramas that need daily commitment. Hahahahah..

    Besides I prefer Japanese than Korean. ;p

    Mo invest lg 1 tv ba ni.. tp nnt la.. hehhe..

    Happy Tuesday Stel!

  4. Just: haha..susah juga kalau ada anak kicil kan..semua remote dia pigang hehe.. Wah ko suka Japanese drama pula.. SYa pula suka Korean.. dulu time kecil2 sya suka juga lah Japan.. But now more on Korean Drama haha..:)

    Have a nice Tuesday Just..:)

  5. Huuuu apa mcm sdh ne crita dia ne? i watched it several times before, but then bnyak saingan mo tukar channel ba d rmh haha...now i'm watching korean dramas online via mysoju.com hehe try lah jln2 sana ^^

  6. Michelle: Ko ada try tgk juga pula ni drama.. Sedih kan story dia.. Bnyk yg story korea sedih2 ba..hehe.. Nda sedar2 tiba2 pandai mengalir ni airmata tgk hahaha..emo bah..

    Si obok sama daehan mau divorce suda then anak drg mau kena kasi balik si Miran suda..

    Suda sya cari sana mysoju.com tu. ni drama blm sampai episod yg sya mau tgk yg kena upload sana.. yg sana tu kena upload yg masi lg awal2 punya. lmbt drg update.

  7. happiness in the wind?macam kalau aku fikirkan serupa kebahagiaan yang berlalu pergi seperti angin yang menyapa tubuh kita.Cuma sementara bukan..?ek..betul ker?hehe..tue tafsiran aku jer.

  8. Si biskut: Sama tafsiran kita tu..hahaha.. Berlalu seperti angin saja..bak dlm drama ini lah..hehehe..

  9. I like your definition about happiness. Almost all the time, good things come to an end. For some, they know happiness would last a lifetime when they're already with what makes them happy.

    The english title of this Korean Drama.. I think something got lost in translation as is the case with a lot of Asia TV Shows.

  10. HalfCrazy: Yes, you can say that. It may some missing for the title translation..

    Happiness could be last or the other around. Depends on how we act today.. and always think positive.. :)

    You have a nice Tuesday..:)

  11. Lama sudah tidak menonton apa-apa drama. Korean drama memang penuh air mata :) Tapi cerita dia ada lambat sikit...Kadang-kadang desperate sudah mau tau then tiba-tiba habis, have to wait the next day or worst next week...hahaha
    But my favorite drama is the Philippines, very the drama ^ ^
    Berbelit-belit, berputar-putar sampai beratus episod :)

  12. ~Stella~

    Jam brapa main d tv ni?? mau try tgk dulu...bosan sda sa tgk tu cinta kirana hahaha...

  13. Sumandak Kinabalu: Betul tu hahaha... Korean drama pun sama sampai beratus-ratus episode. Haha..tu yg sya tension, desperate suda mau tau cerita dia, trus hbs..smbg bisuk or next week.. haha.. ada kebaikan juga, kalau tdk, nda mandi, nda mkn, nda tdr lah kalau mau tgk kasi abis semua haha.. Philpines drama pun sya suka juga tgk.. dulu sya ada tgk beberapa series. Bikin panas ni cerita dia..haha..

  14. Mrs Graig: Ni drama main tiap hari 1-5 d channel 391 pukul 7.25-8.00 mlm.. Ba ko tgk lah, tukar angin baru hehehe..


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