01 October 2010

Welcoming October..

Yes, it's the 1st day of October and this is the very 1st post of the month.
And for me, today would be the last day of working days of the week. How I am grateful that tomorrow is a public holiday (For Sabah State Only) since our office working days are from Monday-Saturdays. Well, at least there's no need for me to wake up so early in the morning for office tomorrow hehe..

As today is the beginning of a new month, I've been thinking of welcoming the new month with warm heart. Planning that all things would be in right place and running smoothly. Eventhough some of you might feel today is just another day, date and drama.. Well, for me it's true, but sometimes there is no wrong at all to put yourself in a positive mind. At least positive thinking good for your health.. :)

A friend of mine, Helen said October is a month of exam and all I was thinking is about kids at school since they usually will be having their school exams in October. You know..school, final exam , monthly test and etc..

Instead Helen told me, the exam is for all of us. I wonder what is she talking about..

She impressed me with this explanation,

" October is a time for exam, November will be a time for looking at the result and December will be a time for reflections and then we celebrate.. :) "

Thanks Helen for the beautiful reminder.. And I told myself I am going to do this. So that Christmas celebration will be more meaningful this year.. :)

Sometimes you need a friend to help you to remember things like these apart from your family and relatives..

Praise GOD for all the blessing He has given us. GOD bless everyone of us.

By the way, I still remember September's best going places. I went to 3 places where i suggest you to come by. I thought this is the best must-visit place in Sabah. If you need a weekend getaway, you can come and have a visit here.. The view is absolutely fantastic.

1. Kinabalu Pine Resort
2. DreamWorld Resort
3. Desa Cattle

Okay, will blog out about that for the next post including plenty of pictures. :D

Have a blessed Friday everyone.

Till then, see you in next post. :)


  1. I really need that positive mode so badly.. :D

    Nyway, waiting for the entries of places u went.. ;p

  2. searching for more nice , relaxing place to visit and hang out.. :)

  3. Just: Ya, everyone needs that.Sya pun..hehehe... :) Stay positive Just.. jan lupa bw honey ko p tgk wyg..hehehe..:)

  4. Richard: Same here.. hunting for more nice place to visit...:)

  5. Hahahah... keep on postponing tu sampai tu movie pun bangas sdh! Hahahaah...

  6. Hi there!

    That quote made me think too. That's pretty cool.

    I'm excited about what is this year's Christmas is going to bring. Hope this year is gonna end well. Time flies so fast!

  7. Just : haha..funny..kalau dia keep on postponing, tpksa la ko kasi remind dia hari2...:)

  8. HalfCrazy : Hi, thanks for visiting here.. Same here, hope all went well.. :)


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