14 October 2010

Could be fiance be the killer?..

-Utusan Borneo 14.10.2010- 

I read 'Utusan Borneo' this morning. The uniform of the late Annie was found at Tuaran Road. And police suspected
her fiance could be the one who responsible for her dead. He's been detained for about 7 days for investigation.
Police said jealousy could be the motive of murder.

If it's true that the fiance who responsible for this, I can't imagine how he could do that to his own fiancee.

Only GOD knows what exactly the reason of murder and who's the murderer.
Let policemen do their job and finally reveals the true face of the murderer.

You can also read news update from The Star Online.


  1. harap2 tu pembunuh kena tangkap cepat2.. let justice prevail..

  2. Ya betul.. i hope so. I pray to GOD..

  3. Azura: Definitely. If it's true the fiance did it, you can imagine how cruel it is.. hmmm.. Let this be in GOD's hand.

  4. Hi Stella, He's a suspect? I guess there might be maybe other motives?
    But sad to read she was killed.
    Hope whoever did that is brought to justice.

  5. Uncle Lee: According to news, he's the suspect. But wait till the investigation done, then we'll know the exact suspect. Yes, whoever did that must be brought to justice.

    Thanks for the thought.

  6. huh,if really the fiance is the murderer, how it would be..what makes him killed his own fiancee..

  7. Sabrina: That one we wouldn't know. The police still investigate this case and the fiance is the main suspect. It could be because of jealousy or something like that. Whatever it is we cant make any speculation now, wait till report been release..

  8. telampau sayang kali smpai sggup bunuh! hmm..

  9. Just: deiii..itu ada sakit mental suda tu..

  10. Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi. Apa punya manusia lah kan...
    Sampai hati juga...
    Tunggu siasatan dulu lah, tak boleh komen lebih-lebih...

  11. gila! Madepaker sungguh!

    nauzubillah eh...

  12. Catherine: Mmg gila..mmg ada sakit mental tu murderer..

  13. We just wait for the truth, susah juga mau cakap kalau hal2 begini kan. Sepa pun dia punya murderer, dia mesti kena hukuman yang setimpal.. RIP Annie John Dismas..

  14. AnnieMing: Yes, we just wait.. Murderer tetap di hukum dgn hukuman yg setimpal.. Hope police will seize him as soon as possible.


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