28 October 2010

Sharing is Love..

I opened my Facebook yesterday and found out a friend of mine, Beverley posted a message in my inbox. She said she wanted to share with me this video. The video is about a long live relationship.

-Message from Beverley-

- Close up-

I am so touched for she care to share this with me. 
For some reason I feel blessed and appreciated. 
And she's correct, I'm really appreciating long live relationship..
I LOVE to cherish every moment I spent with my loved one. 

So, now I like to share this video to all of you. 
I know most of us really appreciate this life especially the relationship that were build from years to years. For me, it's still a long way to go.. 
Therefore as time goes by, I always remind myself that
LOVE, Trust, Perseverance and Faith are the seed of a relationship..

Sharing is caring.. And not only that. 
It creates some sort of recognition of you by others. 
Making you feel honored and accepted.
Making you feel concerned by others. 
And you know that LOVE drove them to do so..
and it brings peace in your heart..

Now, let's watch this video..
On how they fall in LOVE for the 1st time.. 
On how they knew they had met a right person,
to be their other half for the rest of their life..

They are soooooo cute.. :)
I wish I can have a long live relationship too.. 
I wish all of us reach a long live marriage..
Thanks to Beverley for sharing this with me.

May GOD bless everyone us..
Have a Lovely Thursday..


  1. love is in the air sampai ke tua! suwiiittt kan..

  2. Just:
    Ya ba..sweet kan..:)
    Harap2 kita semua pun gitu..

  3. Mau kawin awal la ni kalau mcm ni baru bole sampai 55 years.. hehee.. ;)

    Thanks for sharing.. So sweet!

  4. LadyKath:
    Ba capat2 lah kawin hehehe..

    Good day..:)

  5. Thanks Stella for sharing us this.
    Saya pun harap our relationship sampai hujung nyawa.
    Trust each other, appreciate each other...I mean kita mesti terima kelebihan dan kekurangan pasangan kita. Paling penting, sentiasa pastikan CINTA sentiasa menyala dalam hati :)

  6. Hi Stella,

    Very nice, actually this is what everyone is lacking of and needs and yeap it reminds me oso to be one of them hehehe

  7. tnx 4 sharing stella..soooo sweet~~odoi kiut lg tu..na..hope everyone will have a long live relationship too.Amen...:)

  8. Sumandak Kinabalu:

    Ya welcome..sya suka share2 benda mcm gini..hehehe..share2 good things...Saya pun harap our relationship sampai hujung nyawa.
    Trust each other, appreciate each other,terima kelebihan dan kekurangan pasangan kita mmg penting..
    wow itu ayat 'pastikan CINTA sentiasa menyala dalam hati' sya suka..hehe

  9. VeraPeter:

    Ya..true..A lot of out there lack of this.. this to reminds us to be one of them.. :)

  10. Cindy:
    You are welcome..:)
    soooo sweet and cute kan...:)
    Amen on that...:)

  11. Forever in LOVE no matter how big is the obstacles..!

  12. This is sweet and thanks you stel for sharing this :)

  13. Richard:
    Agree!!..:) hehe

    Mrs Graig:
    Your welcome.. Sya suka ba sharing2 ni..hehe

    Si Biskut:
    Selagi nya d kandung badan, cinta tetap ada.. hehe.. dan walaupun hanya suda tgl nama.. Cinta tetap besrmadi bersama hehe


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