18 October 2010

Korean Food..

Hi everyone..
Happy Monday.. :)
How was your weekend?.. I am sure most of you had fun one isnt.. 

Today i would like to share something about Korean Food. Those who had Korean food before would know well. Thus, this is only to portray my point of view. Keep on reading. You might get something useful from it.. :)

A week ago, me and dear one went to a Korean restaurant to try of its cuisine.  Honestly this was my 2nd time for having Korean food. The 1st one was a year ago. That was when I went on vacation in South Korea. I miss Korea so much and intended to visit there again someday.  I'll share with you about my visit in South Korea in one of these days.

We went to 'KOREAN BBQ SUPUL' restaurant located in CityMall, Luyang. I really wanted to try their menu because I am intending to compare their food and Korean food back in South Korea.  Are they the same?.. Are the menu similar?.. and of course I try to compare the tastes too.. :)

As we reached there, the owner of the restaurant greet us well. She guide us to look after a table that available for us to sit. We waited about less than 10 mins for our meal to be served.

- You can see the original Korean Spoon, it's longer than ours-

 -Korean traditional dish "Kimchi" and next to it BBQ meat-

 -These came in set-

 -Kimchi Soup and white rice-

 -Kimchi Fried Rice-

 -This 'love-shaped' nugget taste better than the one i used to cook myself at home-

 -Korean tea, Love it..-

-Fresh salad to be eaten with meat-

 -BBQ meat before and after-

And below pictures to show you how to eat in Korean Style.. :D

 Put a slice of BBQ meat on the salad.

Fold the salad.

-And dip in  "Korean Sambal"..haha i don't know what is sambal in korean language-

 - Cost for dinner of the day.. :D -

I found out myself eating 'Kimchi' more at this restaurant than 'Kimchi' back in South Korea. I'm not sure why..haha.. And it feels that the taste is more delicious than I took in Korea before. Maybe it was because my 1st time, and now I might get useful with the taste. For an info, the ingredient of Kimchi is cabbage mixed with Korean traditional spice. It's like fermented cabbage because they don't cook it on fire.. They just put it in refrigerator to keep it cool. 

While, the kimchi soup is so spicy and I am not into spicy food. For you who like spicy food might love kimchi soup. As for the BBQ meat, I 'll choose the BBQ original in Korea since the BBQ meat there are much more fresh, tender as well as the slices are more thin. Overall, the menus are quite similar as compare to what i took back in Korea and I can see that the originality of the menus also still in there.

So, for you who wanted to look for something different in menu, why don't you try Korean Food..  I suggest you try for its BBQ and its traditional menu, 'Kimchi'.. :)

Okay that is all for now.
Hope you have a great Monday.
Till then, take care.. :)


  1. Hi stella... opss... korean or japanese foods will never suit my taste. Sia ni mkn guring2 ja... hhehehe..

  2. Just: Haha..ya la..sya pun Japanese food sya tdk berapa..tp korean food masi boleh lg lah..

    You have a nice day..:)

  3. Never try Korean food before...
    Try makanan nie kena bawa my fiance, dia memang suka bab2 nie...hahaha
    Before we eat something memang saya selalu suruh dia yang first try...hahahaha

  4. Hola! never try korean or japanese cuisine before..teringin juga tpi mcm nda ksampaian jak o..hihi coz i dun eat meat or half cook meat..huhu...oh btw, i love the korean spoon! panjang&cute hehe

  5. Sumandak Kinabalu: Bah pa lagi, p lah try hehe.. Nah, that's good idea, tell ur fiance to try it 1st.. if delicious then it's ur turn to try. And i am sure you'll like it..hehe

    Have a nice Monday..:)

  6. Michelle Sung: Ya, you can try bah.. sometime lah..cari angin baru..manatau ko suka haha.. Ya mmg gitu tu Korean Spoon, pjg tu handle dia kan..hehe..

    Have a great day, Michelle. :)

  7. Stella, there's one Korean Restaurant at Lintas Plaza there to visit...the food is great!

    Anyhow, sa lupa the restaurant name...muahaha! But located at 1st floor tu. The owner is a lady from Sibu but married to Korean dude...

  8. Wyne: Oh ya ka..mcm sya pernah nmpk juga tu d Lintas Plaza.. Ba nnti lah sya p serbu sana pula haha..

    Thanks for the info and thanks for visiting..:)

    You have a pleasant Monday. :)

  9. uish..nape ko xsuka makanan jepang stella..byk protein n berkhasiat..korean food xtry lagi pon so xtau camner rasenyer.ko leh masak resepi korean food ker stella?

  10. Si Biskut: Entah napa sya nda brp suka Jepun food hahaha..maybe bnyk yg mentah2 makanan dia hahaha..

    Sya nda pandai masak korean food. Pi ja restoran Korean, makan sana hehe..

    Btw, thanks for the comment. :)
    Have a nice Monday. :)

  11. Let's go to Korea...! (punya restoran).. :D

  12. kimchi....waht kind food of it??look like a good food..hehe

  13. Richard: Yes dearie, let's go again hehe..:)

    Have a nice monday kay..:)

  14. Julicavero: 'Kimchi' is a traditional fermented Korean dish, made of vegetables with varied seasonings. There are hundreds of varieties of kimchi, made with a main vegetable ingredient such as cabbage or cucumber. Kimchi is the most side dish in Korean cuisine. You can try it.. You might like it..:)

    Thanks for visiting here. Have a nice Monday..:)

  15. Years ago I had two male Korean friends who loved Kimchi. I can not eat it because hot food is not my choice. When I went to Singapore several years back I was surprised they love hot foods as well. I almost starve. It is good I have a brother there. :)

  16. Jolly Princess: Hi..thanks for the visit..:)

    Same here, I cannot eat hot food too..:) You are not alone..hehehe..

  17. Ogumu lunok...bah ku teh nopo kio...ehhehe. Sadap...

  18. Gunsirit: hahaha.. iho no daa ih tasadap gia... bah ku teh nopo.. takanon do tuhun tokou..hehehe


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