20 October 2010


-What's in it?-

 -Let's take a look.. -

-Can't wait to see..hehe..-

 -Okay..I can guess this.. :) -

 -OMG... It's my favourite fragrance!!!.. :) -

 -Close up... -

 - Yes that's it.. My favourite fragrance.. LOVE it so MUCH!!!-

Thanks dear LOVE for the surprise.. :D 
He made an effort to surprised me.
It was unexpected.
He purposely asked me to take the digital photography magazine at rear passenger seat.
Then I saw this cute little pink paper bag. And i asked him what is it?.. And he replied, 'see for yourself'.. As I saw in it, I am so touched.. Really appreciate it!..

Sometimes little surprises can spice up your relationship.
It can grows LOVE and it shows how much he/she thinking of you..
Sometime it's not about the surprises and gifts,
It's all about the thought.. 
It's the thought that count.. :) 

Till then,
Have a pleasant week.



  1. I loike!! Have been waiting for suprise for years!

  2. Just: Haha.. i pun loike this Just.. He's so thoughtful.. mmg abis suda ba sya punya perfume..hahaha

  3. this is just so romantic..:) my hubbi would always be clueless when coming to gifts hehe..

    auww...gifts always makes my day..if i have one..hehe :)

  4. I like the word 'spice up' relationship...

    Romantic...and sexy!

  5. EHEM..EHEM.. hehehe.. more to come..!

  6. Nc: haha..romantic kan..sya LIKE..heheee.. My hubby pun dulu gitu, asal mau buat surprise selalu nda jadi sbb kedapatan hahaha..

    Ya definitely this made my day. Hope u'll get urs too one day from ur dear one..:)
    Take care..

  7. Wyne: hahaha..itu pula ko nmpk kan.. "spice up"..heheheeee... Penting tu tau.. kan2x...hehehe!!

    Romantic and sexy..maybe that's the definition he wanted to describe me through the fragrance kan.. hehehe

  8. Richard: Orait dearie.. i'll keep waiting..hahaha.. :)
    TQ soooo much! :D

  9. that's very nice. ada surprise2...hmmm, makes me wonder, when was the last time my hubby kasi surprise me ah...hmmmm....

  10. Hi, thanks for the blog award, I think I've done it before! Thank you for acknowledging me! :)

    Wow, this perfume looks so pretty! Good for you!

    I love surprises! It shows how people can be spontaneous!

  11. Jeles! lol. I love surprises :) Be it the one I do or the one people do to me.

  12. chegu carol: ya siok...ba ko talk to ur hubby..ckp ko mau surprise..mesti dia bg tu..hehehe

  13. HalfCrazy: Thanks. Ya i LOVE the gift..:)
    You have a great week!..:)

  14. Angel: We're the same I LOVE surprises. I Love to do it to others too.. :)

  15. Wow....i like surprise tp jarang dapat ni....lol....husband not romantic la....lol

  16. Aku nak suprises gift playstation 3..haha.

  17. Mrs Graig: hehe siok ba skali skala dpt surprise kan..hehe.. Bah ko hint2 la sm hubby ko..:)

  18. Si Biskut: kalau mcm tu ko bgtau kat pasangan ko.. ko hint2 sama dia..hehehe


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