15 October 2010


Hi everyone, how is your day?.. Hoping that all are in right path and in what you want it to be..

For now, let us leave behind all those sad news for a while. It is definitely sad news and we're really regret of what had happened. However, we should remind ourselves to stay positive and thank GOD for we are still alive today and thus we have to carry on our life with much perseverance to pursue happiness. We pray for those who gone too soon to be in GOD's care and may justice will be prevailed sooner.

So, today I would like to share with you some happy things. :)
My heart filled with joy.. I think you can guess why I am so happy today by seeing the title of this post hehe.. This morning as i login my blog, I was informed that I received an appreciation by the admin of WSB (We are Sabahan Bloggermania). I just joined this group only less than a month but this group truly appreciates its members. It's for Sabahan bloggers gather together sharing some ideas from various point of view. Bloggers are encouraged to follow each other blog to keep in touch and support each others.. :)

 -I received nametag from WSB yeay!! :) -

Thanks so much WSB for this. I appreciate it so much.. You can get your own nametag too by joining this group, stay active and put WSB banner in your blog.

I would like to thank to Zezebel too. She's conducted a Worldless Wednesday that would be held every Wednesday. It's  like a game where you need to guess an answer from few pictures she uploaded on her post. The URL of blog of the correct guessers will be featured on her next post or on the next day. Come to think of it, I am not aware about this since I was new in her blog. I didn't know it was like a contest..haha.. The next day she featured my blog's URL on her blog and only that I know I had guessed it right . Thanks again Zezebel. It feels like so appreciated.. :)

- Click on the picture to view closely or you can read here-

Another appreciation which I received from Sabahan Bloggers. I'd been in this group before I joined WSB. The admin of Sabahan Bloggers featured my blog URL for all Sabahan Bloggers members on its Facebook. I am truly surprised and feels like really appreciated. This was my first time. It was on 12.12.10, as I opened my FB's inbox.. I'm really surprised to see my URL was featured there. The admin encourage all its members to post their blog post on Sabahan Bloggers page wall and he will randomly feature one of those blog post.. :)

- Click at the picture for full view-

Okay, that is all for today.
Eventhough it's only a little appreciation, it gave me some sort of inspiration and encouragement to carry on my blogging world. This little appreciations spirited me up.
I'll keeping up blogging and really into it.

Till then, have a pleasant Friday.
See you on next post. :)


  1. Yeah congrats! Banyak happy news nih for you ^_^

  2. AnnieMing: Ya TQ kio.. happy2 kita ni ari.. :)

  3. Waaa... siokk.. Suddenly made me think, why am I with all Sabahan bloggers? I should look for Sarawkian bloggers too. Manatau dpt happy news mcm ni jg.. Hehe.. ;)


  4. LadyKaths: Ko Sarawakian ka?..ba apa lg join la group Sarawakian hehe..tp sama juga ba tu..kita kan One Borneo, One Malaysia..hehehe

  5. Congrats!!....cute lah the WSB nametag tu. Siap ada nama lagi woh.

  6. Rosc: TQ..cute kan.. ba ko join lah.. siok ba..hehe.. This Oktober ada award blogger of month.. Mari lah sama2 join.. :)

  7. Congratz Stel... sia baru join tu WSB n baru join tu SBU jg.. huhuh..

    Ba, betambah la semangat sma blogging ni kan.. chayo chayo.. heheh..

  8. Just: TQ just.. ya ko join lah.. ada lg contest blogger of the month tu WSB tu..ko join lah..hehehe..
    Tu la mau kasi tambah semangat blogging, ngam juga join group2 mcm ni kan..:)

    Happy blogging..:)

  9. Congrats...interesting world of blogging...

    Nah...tambah pames lah blog ko nie...gud gud gud!

  10. Wyne: TQ..:) interesting kan..ba mari sama2 join..:)
    ya, ko punya blog lg lah pames..haha!

  11. waaaa..congrats stella...;)

    hapy hapy hapyy~

  12. Congrats Stella... Yeahhh... Sya pun mau lah ni... Hehe...


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