11 October 2010

Please Be Extra Careful..

It's 11.10.10..
A new day, a 1st day of a new week. Yesterday might be the most memorable day in your life. Yes, i am sure of that.. :) Other than perfect 10.10.10 date, it must be the joy you're going through in the journey of life as a newlywed or celebrating a year older and perhaps some of you maybe graduated yesterday.. :)

So, what's post for today?.. Well, today i would like to share some sad news. Thought some of you might already heard of the sad news. First of all I wanted to send my condolence to the families which their family member involved in a crash near Negeri Sembilan-Malacca border. Twelve people were killed in that accident involving a bus express, 2 cars and a motorcycle. The crash occured at 7.45pm yesterday where it was said that the express bus crashed into the rear of a car before the driver lost control of his vehicle and rammed through the guardrail. And 45 people were injured. Passengers claimed the bus was going too fast.. And I think this is the main reason of the horror crash.

-The bus rammed onto a car. For full news, read here-

On the other hand, I also wanted to send my condolence to Mdm Linda Tsen Thau Lin for her lost of her husband. Her husband is a Sabah MP's. He is a Batu Sapi member of parliament, Datuk Edmund Chong Ket Wah. He died in a road accident along Jalan Coastal, Tanjung Aru, at 11.40am on 9.10.10. May his soul rest in peace..

- Datuk Edmund Chong Ket Wah’s Kawasaki 750cc motorcycle-

-This Mercedes was involved in a collision with Datuk Edmund Chong Ket Wah’s Kawasaki 750cc motorcycle-
For full article please read

'Malang tidak berbau' ( You couldn't smell mishap.) ..
Please be extra careful on road. Life is precious. Don't let it be in vain.
Remember your loved ones. In any occasion, it is always better late as long as you are safe.
Check your car carefully before proceed to a long journey and make sure you are in a healthy condition..

Till then.
Take care. GOD bless.


  1. May the souls RIP.. This was a very terrible accident.. Hope that bus drivers will be extra careful next time. Being able to watch the wrecked bus by the roadside is something really bad. I am still traumatized by that scene still now..

    God bless..

  2. Shocking news to Sabahan kan...

    May God Bless these victims....condolences to the family. Kasihan juga.

  3. May their soul rest in peace...Amen

  4. LadyKath: Yes.. May the souls RIP. I think the bus driver also killed in that accident. It's normal to still traumatized by such scene.. You take care ok.. Bus drivers should drive extra careful as they are carrying life in the bus..

    Have a pleasant Monday.

  5. Wyne Ren: Absolutely shocking news.
    Mmg kasian kan.. GOD bless them..

  6. Yes, the bus driver was also killed in the accident. That's what I heard. The bus drivers usually were rushing to and fro to fetch passengers. Don't know what's in their mind. They should think of the lives they carried along while driving.

    You take care too & have a blessed day..

  7. LadyKath: I agree with you.. :)
    The bus driver hold a great responsibility towards the passengers. They should know this..:)

    GOD bless.. :)

  8. Condolences for the family...
    You are right, malang tidak berbau.
    Hargai lah orang tersayang dalam hidup kita, kalau boleh every minute. Because we will never know when God invite us...
    Sometime a tragedy like this was very annoying. Because of the others mistake, the innocent one pula yang kena pay for the mistake. I mean pay with their life...

  9. Sumandak Kinabalu: Ya ba, malang tidak berbau.. Orang lain punya salah, org lain lg kena tanggung. Sepatutnya setiap pemandu kena berhati2 ba kan.. We can make a changes.. takziah pada semua ahli keluarga mangsa kejadian..

  10. Betul o. Malang tidak berbau. Sa selalu lagi naik bas tu kalo mo p mana, x kira jauh dekat. Hopefully, people will be more careful when traveling on road especially at highways where people tend to speed.

    May their souls rest in peace.

  11. mmg malang tidak berbau.. we may drive carefully but other vehicles is not control by us. Bas pulak express2 semua.. hmm..

  12. Angel: You are correct.. People tend to speed on highway..Apa la mo d speed sgt tu.. bukan tempat lumba kan.. Nyawa penting ba kan.. Kalau ada masalah, org lain pun terlibat kan.. Susah ni begini..

    Bah u take care.. Always pray before go to a long journey especially kalau naik bas tu..

  13. Just: Tu la..semua org perlu bertoleransi dan bekerjasama kan.. Sia-sia ja kita hati2 drive kalau org lain punya kecuaian kita yg tanggung.. Mcm2 ba ni skrg..patut d ketatkan lg undang2 ni... Makin menjadi2 kes accident skrg ba.

  14. My 10.10.10 was pretty uneventful. It was nice to rest, though. I got a headache out of yesterday cos I was stuck in front of the laptop for hours on end!

    Accidents really do happen. They're the worst. Like in an instant, a life is lost.

  15. So sad kan? Life is indeed precious..

  16. so scary owhh..May all the beautiful RIP.

  17. Halfcrazy: Hi it's okay you resting at home.. Good for you so that u'll be energized for next day task..:)

    Yes, accident really worst when it's involving others' life lost..

  18. Cynta: Mmg sad.. Life is precious..kenapa lah dorang tdk sedar ni..

  19. Borneo Boy: Mmg scary..aih yg beautiful saja RIP?..haha.. May all them..kan..

  20. RIP to their souls.. Condolence to the family :-(

  21. A good reminder to tell us how fragile life is, we need to make the best of it while we still can!

  22. safety first.. !!! tu eksiden bikin org ramai trauma naik bas awam. :(

  23. Hi All,

    Reading your post and all the comments really make me sad. I just lost ma 1st cousin last month. Died of accident hit by a CARELESS motorist!!

    Ma condolences to the family i personally connect to their lost as i've been there to the lost of our dear family members...

  24. AnnieMing: Ya ba..RIP to them..condolence to their families.. May they have peace in their heart by the helping of GOD.

  25. Gallivanter: I agree with you. Life is fragile, make the best of it while we still can.. Life is indeed precious.

    Have a pleasant week.

  26. Asai: Mmg bikin trauma.. mcm bnyk kali suda kes mcm ni berlaku kan.. Tidak pandai jara-jara ba dorang ni... suda lah ni pengangkutan satu2nya yg paling bnyk kena pakai. aduii...

  27. Rosc: I am so sorry to hear that. RIP to your cousin.. You take care of urself okay..

    Yes, it's true.. careless motorist always didn't think carefully before they hit another motorist. They should know how to respect others while on road and most importantly follow the rules.


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