07 October 2010

True 1Malaysia exists in Sabah

HOW many Malaysians have been to Sabah?

I have been to several cities like Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Tawau and several other small towns several times and I always get the same feeling: people there are seriously united.

They communicate with each other in Bahasa Malaysia, with a heavy accent ending with a “bah”.

Even though they are Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans or others, they speak similarly.

To those who have never set foot there, I suggest you plan a holiday there instead of to other countries and I can assure you it will be worthwhile.

Born in Penang, later educated in Kuala Lumpur and working in Johor Baru, I got used to the fact that if I wanted food, I will go to a “Mamak” restaurant, Malay restaurant or any fast food outlet.

Chinese or Indian restaurants won’t cross my mind as the food there is not “halal”.

I could remember the very first time I went to Sabah, it was time for breakfast and my friend, a Sabahan and also a Muslim, brought me to this typical Chinese looking restaurant which we normally see in the peninsula.

Over here, it is obvious that I, as a Muslim, won’t be able to eat the food there because of the “halal” factor.

But to my surprise, the patrons there in that restaurant were mostly Muslims. The food served was normal “nasi lemak”.

I was quite skeptical at first and when I tried to get an assurance from the owner himself, he proudly said: “We Sabahans understand each other well.”

Thinking that the morning scene in the Chinese restaurant was a coincidence, I suggested to have lunch in another Chinese restaurant.

True enough, the scenario was the same: most of the patrons were Muslims.

At night, it was time for a “feel” of the night life in Tawau and we went to a popular “dangdut” outlet.

Again, I was surprised to see many Chinese there.

In Peninsular Malaysia, “dangdut” outlets are normally filled with Malays.

When it comes to food, Sabahans have shown us the true meaning of unity in terms of a simple meal.

Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper, they are united as a people and they eat at a same table.

We sometimes just forget the basics of being a truly united nation.

It is so easy to slur another person, another religion or another race on various websites these days, but is this what we want to do as a responsible citizen?

I feel the way to understand 1Malaysia is by starting to look at how Sabahans live.


Source: The Star Online

Stella says:

Unity should not be only practiced in Sabah or Malaysia. It should be practiced in the whole world.. No more argument, no more war.. Only Love and Peace.. :)

Have a great week everyone.. :)


  1. yeah, proud to be sabahan :)

    p.s: i miss home so much, hhuuhu, havent been back at kk for a year d, huhu

  2. "How long have u been in Malaysia??" A Malaysian asking a Sabahan!! Palui!!!! Subject Sejarah fail kali!

    True 1Malaysia exists in Sabah - 200% YES

  3. Kyle: Proud to be one kan.. :)
    Bah, December ko balik kk lah..hehehe..:)

  4. Just: hahaha..sabar ko Just..dia suda puji2 sabah tu..jan ko marah..hahaha..

    Yeay! 200% Yes aa..haha.. 1Malaysia in Sabah suda lama exist kan... :)

  5. Proud to be Sabahan ^ ^
    I really likes the words “We Sabahans understand each other well.”

  6. Sumandak Kinabalu: Proud to be one too..:) Ya the words really meaningful kan.. We used to gathered with various ethnic friends since we're small kids bah.. Especially at school.. :)

  7. I read this with delight, and I hope that Peninsula Malaysians read it too, and understand the REAL meaning of 1Malaysia, and not some smokescreen!

  8. Gallivanter: Thank you.. Yes, i hope so.. :) Understand the REAL meaning of 1Malaysia, then 1Malaysia will become reality.. :)

  9. Angel: Hi, thanks for commenting here.. couldn't agree more haaa.. hehe!

  10. Yeah yeaah.. awesome post! And I'm proud to be a Sabahan too! Hopefully we would stay this way, i mean - not to be influenced by racism issue yang semakin hari semakin hangat di pasaran! :)

  11. Nina Manson: Ya, hopefully stay forever like this kan.. :) Jgn la Sabahan terpengaruh dgn anasir2 yg tdk bgus kan... :) Thanks for jotting comment here.. :)

  12. proud to be sabahan too...akhirnya sampai juga aku diblogmu..hehe

  13. I like this post... One of the prove that sabah is truly unite in term of race... May this treasure will continually live on forever...

  14. Donny: Ya, should be proud kan.. :)
    akhirnya sampai kan..hehe TQ

  15. MosePA: Thanks for liking this post.. :) Ya, this is the prove and hope it will last forever... :)
    Aramai tih!..heheee

  16. You have produced a wonderful intimate blog. I particularly enjoy the photos of food that you display and wonder how each one tastes. I looked back and came across you before and after "hair" photos. You are beautiful with either style.

  17. Mark Kreider: Hi, Thanks for the compliment. Thanks also for visiting here.. :)


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