19 October 2010

Today's Dessert!

I love fruits.. I was taught to eat various of fruits since I was a kid.

Here, dessert of the day.. hehe.. I put this slice of papaya as my dessert of the day..:)
Bought it from coffee shop somewhere in Iramanis, Luyang.

 What nutrition value does papaya have?
- Papaya is rich in an enzyme called papain (a protease which is useful in tenderizing meat) and other proteins. It is a valuable and delicious fruit.

- Papayas are also rich in several vitamins A, B, C, and D.

- Rich in calcium, phosphorous and iron.

- Excellent to eat in the morning for they have nutritional value that satisfies the body’s needs in the morning.

- Excellent food for children because it is important for their growth.

- The papaya is high in digestive properties and has a direct tonic effect on the stomach.

What are the health benefits?

- Papayas clean the digestive organ.

- Papayas are diuretic, laxative and refreshing.

- Helps to maintain the acid –alkaline balance of the body.

- Used in the treatment of stomach ulcers and fevers.

So, what is your dessert for the day?..
Hope you had a healthy one too.. :D

Till then, have a pleasant Tuesday afternoon..
See you again. :)

source: www.health2know.com


  1. I LOVE Papaya too... oh now rasa mcm mau makan... hahahhahaha

  2. need to learn to eat more fruits.. :)

  3. lama suda nda makan papaya...makan pisang ja..tu pun pisang kana guring :)

  4. I love papaya too...
    Sometimes I eat papaya as my lunch..

  5. I Luv it too : )

  6. Jarang sia mkn papaya. Biasa pisang ja. hihih... tp lunch td sia pnya dessert Pringles!! Hahaha..

  7. Cathj: Sama lah kita love papaya. Nah get yours now!..hehe

  8. Richard CM: Dearie, it's a must hehehe..

  9. Mrs Graig: Ba makan la ba yg fresh2..lagi sadap tu.. Ba p cari ni petang tu papaya..hehehe

  10. Sumandak Kinabalu: Wow that's good. Blh kurus oh kalau hari2 gitu.. I'll follow your tips la..hehe

  11. Rosc: I Luv it too.. You are not alone..hehehe

  12. i only love the papaya my dad planted at home.. d cni papaya dia x sedap.. kadang2 teda rasa ni.. kalau d ruma, hari2 makan papaya after meal.. kalau teda papaya, mkn nenas.. hehe..

    ko perna dngr ka org bilang kalau talampau bnyk mkn papaya bole kc besar sesuatu? huhu.. sa dngr ja bha ni.. x tau btul ka x.. hehee..

  13. Just: Ko baru lah, Pringles pula jadi Dessert..hahaha..nda bikin haus ka tu... Pisang pun okay ba..hehehe.. Ba ada masa p cari papaya.. Bgus utk pencernaan juga tu.. :)

  14. LadyKath: Ya ka.. sya rasa okay juga papaya disini.. Manis2 juga tu.. 2 hari berturut2 suda sya mkn papaya..hehehe.. Wah ngam lah tu ko mkn papaya hari2.. sihat!

    Kasi besar sst?.. kasi besar apa tu aah?..sya nda pernah dgr pula..hehe.. :)

  15. kami pun disajikan papaya seminggu sekali ja...

  16. ya lah papaya good for healthy kan kan kan? hehe

  17. Si Biskut: Wah.. at least ada juga mkn papaya kan...:)

  18. Eve: Ya betul..good for health..bnyk khasiat..terutamanya pd mereka2 yg slu ada masalah constipation..hehe..Mkn lah papaya.. hehe!


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