20 October 2010

Another Perfect Date, 20102010

Hi dear blogger friends,
How are you today.. Hope that we're all in GREAT WEDNESDAY and hoping that this day gives a lot of memorable things for you to remember..

20.10.2010, another perfect date after 10.10.10.. I am sure a lot of you got something special to do today. Whatever it is, don't forget to keep it in pictures so that it will be always be something for you to remember in the future. Happy anniversary, happy wedding, happy birthday and etc..  May GOD keep us everyone.. :)

Meanwhile, as I blogwalking through my bloglist, I am so touched that these blogger friends of mine granted me this award.

You need to do these 3 following tasks after receiving the award.

1. Thank the person who gave you this award and the link of the person.
- Thank you so much to Azura, Just and BabyYats for the award. All of you have an awesome blog too.. :) **Hugs**

2. Spread this award to 15 bloggers who you like and think their blog is awesome.
So hard to choose. Most of my blogger friends got awesome blog. I would like all of them to have this.. especially to:-

1. Zezebel
5. Alv
6. C3kz
10. Cathj
12. MosePA
15. Eve

[Some of you might already received this award, so this is an extra from me.. : ) ]

3. Tell 7 things about yourself.
Okay here are the 7 things..

1. I am the eldest daughter of the family with 6 siblings.

2. I was born in Kota Kinabalu, grown up at Tanjung Aru for almost 15 years before moved to Putatan.

3. Mother from Kinarut, Papar & father from Kg. Sawah, Tuaran, and where would I originated from?.. I always confused of this so, I'll say I am from Kota Kinabalu or Putatan because I grown up there..hahaha..

4. Number 1 (one) is very significant to me. I am the eldest daughter, always in the 1st batch class within 7 years of my education days, fell in LOVE with an only one man that finally tied knot as forever soul-mate, the only one lady engineer in office and what more.. haha.. can't remember already..hehehe..

5. I Love Dessert, those sweet food & Western cuisine.

6. I Love surprises!.. Always think positive, motivated, friendly & easy to be with.

7. And last but not least, I LOVE blogging so much.. :)

Okay that's it for now.
Have a BLESSED Wednesday..
ENjoy the perfect date 20102010..:)
See u in next post.. :)


  1. weeeehooo...i'm tagged. thanks Stella! =) nice day: award on 20102010. yay^^,

  2. Thanks for tagging me along, Stella! :) I'll do this asap.. Now I have to get ready to go meet my siblings & mum in KL.

    Have a nice day & stay safe!

    God bless u.. =)

  3. Michelle Sung:
    Ya..don't forget to do the tasks..hehehe... :)

  4. LadyKath: Welcome..okay.. Have a safe journey ok..:)

    Happy 20102010..:)
    GOD bless.

  5. Me pun significant with number 1.
    1st child, 1st grandchild in mom's family, Rayyan is the 1st greatgrandchild in my family. All this maybe bcoz of my mom is the 1st child!

    1st wife to my hubby!! Hahahah.. jgn hrp ada wives lain! ;p

  6. wowwww...Stella n Just, we are the first daughter in the family lah pula...samaa!!!

    Senyum2 sa tgk komen c Just...hahaha!

  7. waaaaaaaa! detailnya pren, thanks ah, bah harap2 friendship kita di alam blogger ni berkekalan, ekekeke.

    hidup wasaber!

  8. Just: Sama pula kita kan hahaha..significant tu nombor 1..hahaha...

    Deii gila2 juga ko ni kan.. 1st wife lg tu hahaha

  9. Wyne: Sama juga ko pula Wyne. 1st child kan hehehe..besar tanggungjawab kunun to make parents proud..:)

  10. Azura: Yeay! hidup Wasaber..:)
    Welcome ba fren.. Harap2 berkekalan persahabatan kita ni.. My blogger friend..:)
    Have a nice day..

  11. thanx stella-claire richard coz bagi award nie ek...semangat lagi bertambah.

  12. Mskd sia.. the ONE and ONLY ba tu... hahahahahah

  13. si biskut: hehehe welcome.. haa mcm tu la..mau kasi naik semangat bah ni..:)

  14. Just: ngam lah tu..hahaha.. jan ada yg lain..bahaya lorrrr..hehehehe

  15. buli bah kalau kau....kau sija hehe

  16. Donny: hahaha...bulih bulih la ba kan..hahaha..Blog ko pun awesome..

  17. wow..good one.. :) i didn't know u lived in tg aru? hehe..me too.. since kindergaten o.. not until 20 years later then we moved.

    :) good to know that

  18. NC: Oh ko pun d tg aru pula... sya pun baru tau sama pula kita..ya good to know kan..:)

  19. Stella, am I really one of your chosen award??? I still can't believe it... If it's true, i just copy the award and put it in my blog then complete the 7 questions... Is it just like that? I am quite nervous now...

  20. MosePA: haha..it's ture.. I gave u the award. What u should do is copy the award, put it in ur blog and complete the 3 tasks.. :)

    Don't be nervous..hehe.. Definitely i give it to you bah..

  21. Dear Stella,

    Zillion thanx ya for the award. I've posted it up on my blog :)

    Mrs Graig_Kenny

  22. Mrs Graig: U r welcome.. u deserve to receive tht bah..hehehe

    Take care..

  23. Hi Stella... Sorry for late to update my blog... I will do the three task right away after I settle my broadband. They cut it though I pay already... Really it make me mad (Maxis broadband)... And once again, thank you so muchhh... Hehe... Yeahhh...


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