23 October 2010

Visit of the Day..

Hello every one.. It's Saturday, 23.10.2010.
Planning to go any where today?.. Or didn't have an idea where's place to visit over the weekend?.. Okay, I have better idea for you. Especially to people around KK. Those who live outside KK also can plan to visit here.
As i read Nancy Peter's post about Green Connection. I remember I went there too on last September. Thought this might be better idea to share about, since this place getting known all over Sabah. Or some of you might never heard about it before, so this is a few info about Green Connection.

What is Green Connection actually?.. 
It's a place where you can experience yourself to view marine life. You can even touch some of marine life there such as shark and starfish. Great isn't it.. :)

It's 10 mins drive from KK. Entrance fee is RM15 per person. Regular visit hour is from 10am-6pm. The show time is at 11am and 4pm. Show times where you can watch the sharks and other marine life were feed. Interesting isn't.. :)

Okay, as usual..pictures always play an important role to do the talking..hehee..

 Little tortoise..

 This one huge Stingray.. 


 Can you spot which one is Stone fish?..

The Corals

 Little shark

 Starfish..Beautiful isn't..

Horseshoe crab

To know more about Green Connection, read HERE.

In my observation, even though this place not as big as Aquaria KLCC, we should be proud that this marine life visit place available in KK. It's worth it to visit here.. 

So go there, bring along your family and friends, experience yourself the excitement of being there. I am sure you'll learn new things towards the day.. :)

Okay that's it for now.
Take care.
Have a fun weekend. :)


  1. boleh kerja d sabah tourism ko nih stella ;) go go goo~

  2. Dekat tempat saya kerja nie...
    Hari-hari saya nampak tu banner dia. Memang teringin mau visit tapi belum ada kesempatan...
    Will tell Mr. M about this, hehe...

  3. Catherine: Agak2 mau jadi ba kunun tp nda dpt hahaha..

  4. Sumandak Kinabalu: Ba..bila lagi.. pigi lah..hehehe..siok tu dpt pigang shark sama starfish..Mcm2 jenis hidupan laut ko blh nmpk sana..:)
    Bah ko tell lah MR M.. kekeke

  5. fee masuk ada kah tu? i was planning to there too lah. such a nice pace kan.. jln tuaran sana kah tu?

  6. EVE: RM15 tu per person.. Ya d jalan Tuaran.. Ba, p lah sana..siok juga jalan2 sana tu..:)

  7. Horshoe Crab is belangkas bah kan...nah baru sa tau nama english dia...btw, tu stonefish mana satu ooo? :)

  8. Mrs Graig: Ya, belangkas la tu..hehehe

    Oh stone fish?..Cuba ko renung lama2 tu gmbr..trus ko tutup buka mata 3 kali..hehehe.. Kalau nmpk2 mcm bentuk badan ikan tu, dia lah tu..hehehe

  9. wah buli tahan juga oh fee dia. Puas hati juga kah dlm da? nda rugi masuk? hehe

  10. If the place is as big as aquaria klcc, then it won't be rm15 already! ;p

    Sia pigi tu aquaria time dia baru buka.. promotion fee. Sanggup queue 2jam! Hahahah.. tp time tu blm ada digicam lg.. so gmbr pakai kamera film tu.. gmbr x jd. syg oo... tepksa pigi lg ni.. ;p

  11. waa gud to hear ada bgni sdh d kk kn.hope to be there la ni once im back home..

    btw, y evertime visiting ur site ada tu 'malware' thingy tu ar?

  12. EVE: blh tahan juga..nda rugi masuk tu.. blh lah ko try lain kali..:)

  13. Just: Betul ckp ko..hehe..Kalau besar mcm aquaria, mesti fee dia lg lah double..hehehe..
    Nah skrg hubby ko ada dlsr..pa lg, guna kan spenuhnya hehe

  14. Cindy: Ya, it's good KK got this kind of place already..:)

    You are the 2nd person said that.. I dont know oh..this malware thing.. Sya buka teda pula.. sya mo check dulu lah account sya ni, napa pla gini..

  15. Stella..lupa pla gitau ko...the other when i tried to open ur blog ni ada mcm warning to open ni...it was like mcm ada virus ka malware thingy ka...something gitu la...then warning yg this site contains ntah apa tu that can harm ur computer...but i just continue to open anyway...better u check ur application...sometimes tu apps tu ada prob tu...k

    mrs graig

  16. Mrs Graig: Oh ya kan..tq for the info.. I'll try to check the application ...:)

  17. :) yep, this is a great place :)

    bah.. mari jalan2 sana lagi hehe

  18. Wah it's good to know kk have this kind of place. Bagus juga blog nie dapat tau benda2 macam nie. I Never heard about this place b4 till i read ur post thks for sharing. Anyway, where are this place exactly locate?. Luv to visit this place is weekend diorang open kah and admission fees still the same RM15 for the weekend juga kah?

  19. Rosc:
    Thanks for visiting here. The place is at Jalan Tuaran.Admission fee Rm15. Weekend pun sama sya rasa rm15 tu.. Bah pigi lah jalan2 sana k..:)


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