30 September 2010

The Malay Chronicles...

It's Thursday. And i am really looking forward for weekend.
How about you?.. Any plan for weekend?..
Perhaps to watch a movie or do some shopping?.. :)

Today as I view my Facebook homepage, I saw this friend of mine posted a video of a movie trailer. Thought want to share about it...

As i watched the trailer, i am really proud to say that finally there is a World Class film ever done by a Malaysian film director.

It is an epic film directed by Yusry Abdul Halim (also the director of “Cicak-Man” (2006) & “Cicakman 2 - Planet Hitam” (2008). ).

The movie entitled "The Malay Chronicles: Bloodline (Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa)". There is no an exact date yet when this film will be screened to our local cinemas. But for sure this will be in my must-watch-list.. :)

Genre: Action / Epic
Status: Coming Soon
Director: Yusry Abdul Halim
Language: English

Stephen Rahman-Hughes, Jing Lu,
Gavin Rees Stenhouse, Craig Robert
Fong, Eric Karl Henrik Norman,
Keith Chong, Keith Chong,
W. Hanafi Su, Dato' Rahim Razali,
Khir Rahman, Ummi Nazeera,
Nell Ng, Jehan Miskin, Umi Aida,
Kuswadinata, Mano Maniam,
Ravi Sunderlingam

read more about the movie here.

And this is the movie trailer : -

So what do you think after watching the trailer?.. :)

Okay, that's it for today.. Have a great and fun day..

God bless.


  1. Thanks for sharing this!

    I like the thriller.. I'm soo going to watch this movie ^_^

  2. I am KRU kipas susah mati...hehehe
    Memang berbakat trio adik beradik nie, apa saja hasil kerja tangan memang gempak and berkualiti...

  3. Hi Stella, wow! I have lost touch with Malaysia and seeing movies, Malay movies.
    Looks like a good show this one you posted. Very nice...
    Pity its not shown here, but maybe can see on a FB...
    You have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  4. thanks for sharing this info.... mesti best kalau KRU yg buat movie..tu special effect drg ba yg buli tahan...

  5. AnnieMing: Welcome.. Same here.. will going to watch the movie too ;)
    Bring ur hubby to watch this...;)

  6. Sumandak Kinabalu: Wah u die hard fan KRU haaa..ahaha..sama lah..sya pun minat juga KRU ni..drg memang berbakat.. drg suka buat sst dgn penuh kualiti kan..jgn lupa watch this movie hehe..

  7. Uncle Lee : Hi thanks for visiting here.. I guess u should come to Malaysia once in a while to watch movies here hehe.. This movie will be at international level, I think it can be found there once it release.. :)

    Have a nice day to u..:)

  8. Asai : welcome.. Ya betul tu..KRU mmg best kalau buat movie. Satu2 nya anak Malaysia yg buat movie ada world class value kan.. :)

  9. well, lets see if mr asai will date me to watch this movie.. he is such a not-movie-person! Huhuuh...

  10. Just: haha..funny oh... Ko tarik ja dia Just kalau dia tidak mo pigi..heheee..paksa dia...hehehe.. sya punya loukung pla mmg movie-type punya org.. asal ada latest movie mesti dia mo pigi..tapi kalau dia rasa the coming movie tu mcm tdk siok dia tdk mo p tgk d cinema, dia download ja.. pandai kan.. hehe...!

  11. 3x ja ba kami p movie for the past 7 yrs! Bygkan tahap kebancian dia sama movie ni. Hmm.. pa buli buat la..

  12. Just: sabar ja la..hahaha..ko kena kasi racun pikiran dia supaya rajin bw ko p movie..hahaha
    buat la mcm2 taktik..hehehe

  13. Hi stella, hopped over here from annieming's place and got interested in this particular entry.

    It overwhelms me to see such, as you put it, world class movie made by our talented Malaysian. From the look of it, the cost of making the film is HUGE.

    I love watching the cinematography and how Yusry have made an effort to make it more surreal.

    Just that, when watching this trailer, I'm reminded of the many movies the like of 300, The Mummy and Once Upon a Time in China. My point is, the plots arent quite original. And my fear is that this will be exactly what the critics would say once the movie is released.

    But then again, this is just my take. We won't know what its gonna be till the movie is out kan?

    Thanks for sharing this.
    Looking forward to come here often and read more interesting post. ^_^

  14. Chegu Carol:

    Hi, thanks so much for visiting here.I am sure this film took huge cost.The plot might aren't quite original, but by looking at the graphic and the cinematography, we have enough reason to be proud of our local handmade.. :)

    And for me, let the viewers do the critics because it is where all things can be improved. Learn from mistakes will lead to pure success.. :)

    Thanks again for the thought. Looking forward to see u always here too.

    Have a great day chegu carol. :)


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