07 September 2010

Blogwalking Award.. :D

It's been a while since last post. I've been tagged by AnnieMing this Blogwalking Award 2010. Thanks Annie for this. Award tagged along with 7 questions. So here are the questions and my answers for them. :D

1) Apakah yang bermain di minda anda sekarang?
- Can't wait 530pm.. (mau cpt pulang rumah hehe..) And can't wait my other half to be in KK.

2) Apakah nama samaran anda?

3) Siapakah 3 orang paling kamu sayang?

I Love GOD so much.. and 3 org paling saya sayang ialah..
My other half, My Mom, My Dad and my siblings.. (eh terlebih 3 suda ni..hahaha..)

4) Panggilan untuk si dia.

He has a lot of names to call hahaha.. I called him dear, mydear, baby, darling, honey..hahaha..
I called him different names depends on my mood.. :P

5) Hadiah yang diimpikan daripada seseorang yang istimewa.

I don't know.. Nothing in particular. As long as he appreciates me, respects me and LOVES me soooo much.. I think that's the greatest and special gift ever.. :)

6) Blog mana yang anda selalu lawat?

A lot.. from circle of blogger friends, photography, religion, cooking, going places and etc.. :)

7) Tagkan kepada 15 blogger.
I would like to tag ImagesChaser, Clarice, Jacinta, Antonia, Dawn, Vera, TwoFiveSix, Lizee Wong, Lorenza, NurulAini, Fara, Just Suntin, AngelBear, Vienne and MemelJoan. :D

Have fun with the tag.. :)
And have a great time for the coming Hari Raya holiday..... :D


  1. hehe..ur welcome Annie..fun ba..:)

  2. ada nama sa oooo....nantila sa buat aaa..

  3. haha..Vienne, jgn lupa aa..hehe..:)

  4. nga...double tag suda...hahahahahahaa...mmg kena bikin suda ni tau~ =p thanks for the tag...

  5. angelbear: bah pa lagi..bikin lah..hehehehe


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