27 September 2010

For Sabahan's Info..

Hi everyone..How's your weekend?..
Hope everything is fine and hoping that you had a lovely weekend.

I come accross this info about Sabah TYT's Birthday through my Facebook friends. Thought some of you might wanted to know the exact shifted date as the 16th September already appointed officially as Malaysia Day. Or might be some of you did know about this. So i just do some news sharing here.. :)

The official date for the Sabah TYT is shifted to first Saturday of October of every year. Therefore this coming 2nd October is entitled for holiday.

-Click the picture for full view-

Yeay!! another holiday.. can't wait..:)
I guess those who are working in private firm will be glad to hear this news as government workers is not working on Saturdays. And it's the only holiday for the month of October.. I think so..:)

For full info click here. You can view the announcement at page 11.

That's it for now.
Have a great Monday.. :)


  1. Sia baru tau ni. Tp, teda kaitan pulak sama sini KL. Hehehehe... tamaha betul kan.. hahaha..

  2. But our school still have something on 2nd October.. So macam tiada beza juga ni.

  3. Thanks for sharing but too bad coz Saturday is not my working day..why dont fall on Friday? hehehhe..

  4. Oooo sa pun baru tau.. ok juga, tapi cubalah time weekday kan...klu yg x keja hari sabtu tu, mcm xda cuti saja tu...ekekek

  5. Just: hehe..ya,ko d kl teda kaitan..hehe

    AnnieMing: School besa la kan ada aktiviti mcm2 kalau Saturday..:)

    Alv: Ala.. bestnya ko Saturday tdk keja. Kalau kami ni every Saturday keja..

    Memel: Ya ba..dia tdk kasi taruh d Friday..kan siok..hehe

  6. Richard : Looking forward to it dear!..:)

  7. Hi there...

    Opis kami closed on 1st and 3rd Saturday...so PH on 2nd October consider rugi lah 'siourang' ini...uh!

  8. Wyne Ren : Ala..teda effect sama kamu la tu kan.. for us every Saturday keja o..so happy sikit la.. hehe

  9. 2nd oct.... saturday.. ofis kami mmg 5 hari bekerja ja seminggu... but, happy holiday to all Sabah's employees.

  10. Asai : TQ lah..singgah sini...siok lah opis kamu..5 hari ja bekerja.. uhuhu......


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