29 September 2010

Nasi Lemak PappaRich..

Hi, it's Wednesday.. We are in the midst of weekdays. How is your weekdays so far? Hope it was great and fun.

Today i would like to share with you about my fav food. I guess all of you must be having fun to do some food hunting. Well who's don't?.. I love to do hunting for some nice restaurant for a tempting food.. :) My favorite is Western and Chinese food.

Well, today i like to blog out about PappaRich Restaurant. This restaurant offers Malaysian traditional delights. It was first established in 2006 at Selayang Mall, Peninsular Malaysia. And now has over 39 outlets throughout the country. Its specialities are Char Koay Teow, Prawn Mee, Nasi Lemak, Dry Koay Teow, Chicken Chop and Chicken Porridge.

I love to go for lunch or dinner at PappaRich. This restaurant quite new here in KK. Located at citymall, KK (click HERE for map). And i think this outlet was the 1st ever branch launched in KK. So do you ever came there for food hunting?.. I've been there for at least more than twice a month since it's been launched. Yes, you can say that this is a favourite place for me to hang out while having meal after Upperstar and a nice coffee shop at Jln Bundusan. (will blog about these later)

As i mentioned before, my fav food is Western and Chinese food. But when it come to PappaRich, I fall in love with its Nasi Lemak.. Whenever i come there for a lunch or dinner, Nasi Lemak is a must. And i wonder this must be the reason I've gained weight on and off up to 54kg ~ 55kg.. hahaha.. I need to lose weight now!!.. Worried it might reach 60kg later..hahaha.....

Okay, these are some of the food that I managed to snap by using my mobile phone..

-Nasi Lemak-

-Curry Laksa-

-Curry Chicken with white rice-

-Longan Milk Honey Ice-

Looking at those pics made me hungry now..hehee..

So, that's it for today. Enjoy your meal.....
Till then, have a great day..... :)

PappaRich source: http://www.papparich.com.my/


  1. Wow... Tapun sagang... Tertelan air liur sya... Sya paling suka makn mskn chinese...lol... Nasi lemak sdp juga tapi sya ada peristiwa yang membuatkan sya takut lagi mkn nasi lemak... Sbb nasi lemak, gigi sya bengkak sampai skrng... Sya pun tdk tau... Mungkin terlampau pedas bah tu nasi lemak... sedih betul ni... Anyway, i will go to this kedai makn one day to confirm how delicious the food there... Yeahhh... lol...

  2. Hi MosePA,
    thanks for jotting comment here.
    Ko takut suda makan nasi lemak sbb ada sejarah hitam dia ka..hehehe
    Ba len kali ko p la visit2 ni kadai. Do some food hunting here... :)

  3. ni yg di city mall ni kn.. slu ramai org. msti sedap la tu kn :)
    will try there nanti

  4. dreamChaser: ya d city mall lorr..hehehe..mmg sadap makanan sana.. :)

  5. punya sadap tu nasi lemak n laksa curry... tapuuuunn.!!

  6. Hi Stella, thanks for visiting :)


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