22 September 2010

Happy MoonCake Festival

Hi everyone, how's your day?..
Hope everything is in fine condition throughout this holiday and festive season.
I was told by my chinese colleague that today is the MoonCake Festival.
Okay, therefore i want to take this opportunity to wish all of our chinese friend A Happy MoonCake Festival. I wonder how this MoonCake Festival existed. I've spent a little time to search for it in wikipedia.

The History of MoonCake Festival is linked to to the legends of Chang E, the mythical Moon Goddess of Immortality. According to “Li-Ji”, an ancient Chinese book recording customs and ceremonies, the Chinese Emperor should offer sacrifices to the sun in spring and the moon in autumn. The 15th day of the 8th lunar month is the day called “Mid-Autumn”. The night on the 15th of the 8th lunar month is also called “Night of the Moon”. Under the Song Dynasty (420), the day was officially declared for Mid-Autumn Festival.

Because of its central role in the Mid-Autumn festival, mooncakes remained popular even in recent years. For many, mooncakes form a central part of the Mid-Autumn festival experience such that it is now commonly known as 'Mooncake Festival'.

So, enjoy your MoonCake.. I Love to eat MoonCake too..as it is now contain various flavour suit to your taste.

Till then, take care..:)

source for MoonCake Festival : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mooncake


  1. I loike mooncake too! Specially those with yolk! Nyum nyum! Ada ka yg nda suka? Hehehe...

    For this yr, I've tried cheese mooncake. Not bad! :D

  2. Hi Just, sama lah kita, I like those with yolk too..:)

    Waa.. i havent try the cheese mooncake.. Wah, nanti mo try lah..

  3. sa pun suka yang ada yolk...alalala ya kan, sa belum makan mooncake lg tau ni tahun,eheheh...tapuunn

  4. Sa baru ja makan mooncake terus macam mau cari lagi.. Haha! Bisuk la baru cari ;-)

  5. Rosina: hahaha..best juga ada kwn bg mooncake..hehe

    Richard: Mau mkn mooncake ka..hehe

    Memeljoan: Ko pun suka yg ada yolk..sama lah kita..hehe..bah capat p beli kama, nnti abis..hehe

    Annieming: Mo cari lg?..mmg sadap ba kan tu Mooncake.. my fav juga tu...:)

  6. happy moon cake festival to u n family ya :)


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