23 September 2010

The Wedding, The Meet Up..

Hi.. How's your day..

Yesterday, as i read a post of one of my blogger friends,Just's Corner that she met some of old friends while she were in KK, it reminds me that I also met some of my ex-classmates a week ago. For an info, Just was my senior back in secondary school and now she's staying and working in KL. And now I am so glad that we become blogger friends.

By the way, I met those ex-classmates of mine while attending a wedding reception of one of our ex-classmate, Ms Helen Funk at KDCA, Penampang on the 16th September 2010. We never been hang out or meet each other since the past 10 years. That would be right after our form 5 class. We were in form 5 science commerce back in SM Stella Maris, Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu. I am so happy to meet them. And it's like a mini reunion. Trying to catch up to each other life story and it's like a tradition now where gathering or meet up can only be done during an ex-classmate's wedding.

-The Wedding Pic was So nice-

-Helen and Gerry-

-Here are the ex-classmates-
From left: Cynthia, Melissa, Me, Beverly, Annie and Jenny.

-Happy Faces.. :D -

Ok that is all for now. We meet again for next post..
Take care.. :)


  1. everybody stil has the stellarian face :)

    and im still proud to be one too hehe

  2. Thanks for the link. :D

    Ya, mmg tu.. time kawin la reunion! Hehehe..

    Owhh.. I still can recognise them except Melissa. Huhuhu..

  3. Nc: yes, still the same faces..except Melissa..dulu pakai spek dan nerd betul tu muka dia..hehe..
    now grown up to a beautiful lady.. much more feminine now..
    Same here, I am proud to be stellarian too.. :)

  4. Just: Welcome..:)
    Betul kan..kalau ex-classmate wedding baru dpt gather ramai2..:)
    No wonder ko x recognise Melissa. Dulu muka nerd ba dia..pakai spek lg. Skrg lawa berabis ni...:)


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