15 December 2010

Simple Yet Unforgettable

Hi..Happy Wednesday,
It's been a day i didn't updated my blog. I wasn't well yesterday. Therefore i can't bring myself to online yesterday. Today i am quite well.. So, as i promised before i will blogout about my birthday celebration this year.

Indeed, it was an unforgettable birthday ever. Simple yet unforgettable. And there were surprises too. At sharp 12.00am,13th December 2010 hubby is the 1st person wished me birthday.  I was watching tv at that time. He hugged me from behind and whispered a birthday wish.. :) Seriously, I totally forgot about my birthday. And it was so nice of him as he took a day leave for my birthday. So the next day then he went back to Kudat.

Okay it's always best to describe the rest in pictures.

Me with a bouquet of roses from someone special

At my office, just a few minutes after a kind blogger friend, Just asked me through Facebook whether i received surprise for my birthday, a flower guy sent this bouquet of roses (above picture) with a cute teddy bear on it. Yes, true..someone sent this to my office. At first, i was confused what was happening. It was 11.00am and I was so shocked and at the same time quite malu-malu because ramai kawan2 ofis nampak orang hantar the bouquet of roses. It was so sweet.. honestly i didn't expect this because i never been through this before. My tears dropped when I read a small card on the bouquet. It's really touched my heart..A sweet and caring words from dear hubby..  I quickly wiped away my tears because malu ba kalau org nmpk haha..

White Rice with Chicken Curry

At 12.30pm, my mom in-law gave a lunch treat at PapaRich CityMall. It was so nice of her for remembering my birthday. She even wished me birthday through sms as early as 8.00 in the morning.

A Simple Birthday Celebration with family

After done work at office around 5.30pm, me and hubby directly went to Taman Bersatu (my parents house) to celebrate my birthday. It was fun.. simple yet memorable. The important thing is they still remembered my birthday and i am very happy that my family able to gathered during my birthday. Mom gave me a nice red blouse and my sister give me a pair of cute vase as birthday gifts.

Pre-Birthday Treat by Hubby

Yes, it was pre-birthday treat by hubby. He brought me to this my favourite restaurant, Kenny Rogers on the 12.12.2010 evening. Eventhough Kenny Rogers is my favourite restaurant, we were so seldom to go there because the rate of dish too expensive..haha.. And, we realized that we might couldn't managed to celebrate on our own for my birthday since it will be fully booked for family. So he gave me a birthday treat the day before my birthday. The dishes were soooooo delicious... and now i am getting hungry to see this picture again..hahaha.. Thanks to him, he was really thoughtful.

A birthday surprise again from hubby

As i wrote earlier, i celebrated my birthday at Taman Bersatu together with my family. Me and hubby then went back at our home around 10pm. So at home, upon I went out from bathroom, he threw surprise again for me. I was soooo touched and speechless. He knew that i really love this cake from Strawberry Cake House . No wonder the light at living room was switched off. I wonder why.. then i saw a birthday cake with candles.. i was sooo speechless!.. haha.. As i said before, he was really thoughtful.. :)

Okay end of birthday stories..hehe.. Indeed it was memorable birthday ever. It's not only memorable but meaningful too. Thanks again to all for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate all the things my hubby and my family had done for me for my birthday. Thanks a lot to them. May GOD bless everyone of us. 

And i still believe that,  it's the thought that count.



  1. nda sabar aku mo celebrate befday aku *sambil tutup mata membayang apa hadiah ku dr org2 tersayang..hahahaha..

  2. A beautiful unforgettable memories of birthday celebration just for you my dear.. :)

  3. waa... bnyknya surprise and celebrations!!!

    Rasionally, i dun want a bouquet of flower or whatever but then mcm siok jg kalau dpt kan... hahahha..

    sampai terkeluar air mata aa moi!! ;p

  4. happy Birthday Stelle!! Wah ur hubby is so kind and romantic...

  5. happy Birthday stella...yummy suma ni...ur hbby romantik la...:)

  6. aww~sadap2 tu cake! hehe romantica de amor la ur husband mihihi ^^,

  7. Lina:
    bila bday ko?..hehe..jan lupa share stories hehe

  8. Just:
    siok ba bnyk surprise.. hehe..

    owh pasal bouquet sya pun gitu juga.. tp this time bunga dia bg 12 kuntum, tp tahan lama or ni roses dia, smpi skrg masi ok lg..

    haha..terharu ba tu..

  9. beaty:
    thanks..ya...i am blessed.Thank GOD

  10. Baby Yats:
    sedap tu makanan..lapar sya balik haha.. Thanks! :) ba suruh hubby ko pun gitu hehe

  11. Michelle:
    mmg sadap tu cake..hehe..ba i hope ur future hubby pun gitu..

  12. You are really lucky Stella to have those amazing people around you. Saya pun mau menangis ooo...heeeee

  13. Gunsirit:
    Ya, thank GOD.. bah jgn ko nangis ba..nnti sya nangis lg balik..uhuhuu

  14. seronok tengok orang punya birthday tapi birthday sendiri tak pernah celebrate...hepi besday once again stella.

  15. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY STELLA!! waaa so nice of u to have soooo many surprises on ur born day..siok o! plg siok clbrate wit all ur beloved kn. hehe..

  16. Wah! Sioknya kena surprise! :) Happy Belated Birthday, Stella :)

  17. So sweet oh your hubby...these small small things that matters ba kan...

  18. Awwww...so sweet dear! It's just what im looking forward in my years to be a wife to be next year hehehehe..Howd i wished my fiance is that romantic....

    -Hmmm.i guess ill have to give signals of everything i want hehehhehee...

  19. Biskut:
    ajak kwn2 celebrate la..baru seronok tu..:)

  20. Cindy:
    Thanks.....GOD bless u..:)
    Ya mmg siok bnyk surprise..haha..and of course mmg memorable kalau celebrate dgn loved one..:)

  21. Angel:
    Ya siok!..hehe..TQ.. GOD bless u..:)

  22. Claire:
    ya, i didn't know he's that sweet and you're right, these small things that matters. Thanks for visiting here claire. Looking forward for your visit here again..:) GOD bless u..

  23. Getzz:
    wow, you're getting married next year?.. congrats in advance. I hope you'll be happy in ur marriage ever after..

    p/s: ba ko signal2 la bah ko mo surprise time bday ko haha.. :P

  24. I told you; You did have a blessed birthday (^^)

  25. Wyne;
    Thanks..Thanks to all the prayers..:)
    GOD bless everyone of us..:)

  26. Happy belated bday gal ;)

    N ur cake is so pretty! heehe. Mesti sedap brabis tu kan.

  27. okayarms:
    thanks..ya sadap tu kek..hehehe


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