03 December 2010

A Paint of Life..

Thanks to akemisiegel for tagging me this.

I believe this tag created to getting know better among the bloggers. And here are the questions:-

1. Your blog's title and why you choose it?..
Stella says: Actually i used "Life is Just Like A Story" at first. Then i changed it to "A Paint of Life". The reason i choose the title because my blog include a lot of about self-enrichment stories and  to shows that our journey of life is painted by ourselves but in the other hand granted by GOD. So we must be grateful for we're still breathing happily here on earth.

2. You blog's URL and where you get it?..
Stella says: My blog's URL is http://chardella.blogspot.com.
The name chardella is the combination of my hubby's name and my name.
Richard + Stella =  chard + ella = Chardella.. :)

3. What is your writing's method?..
 Stella says: Well, you can see at the side bar of my blog. Look for categories. I write a lot about self-enrichment followed by other categories such as going places, health, current news, food and etc.

4. What do you think if you saw other's blog are more beautiful and attractive than yours?
Stella says: haha..what a question.. Actually, i never thought about this because each of us have our own ability and specialty.. 

5. When is your blog created?..
Stella says: About 2 years ago..  2 years plus! 

6. Who is the first person knows about your blog and followed?..
Stella says: The 1st person knows about it is my hubby and the 1st follower is haha..forgot already. Maybe the 1st follower is Alv0808. 

7. Please tag 5 bloggers. (those who've been tagged please answer the same questions..)
Stella says: ok here we go..hehe
All followers and in my blog list.

Ok that's all about the tagged. Phew..managed to answer all of them..hehe..
That's it for now. I guess now you know more or less the history of my blog hehe..

Till then, take care.



  1. yup..dah lama rupanya ye created blog..

  2. StellaClaire-RichardFriday, December 03, 2010

    Yes, lama dah..but recently got active after join wsb..meriah bah! hehe

  3. Haha...bagus nya ko, laki ko jadi follower yg 1st...ekeke!

    Bah, nanti sa cuba buat ini tag (uhuhu! baru mau start buat suda ada keja kena ampai2 di meja!!)

  4. sia kena tag pulak ni kan... nnt sia buat..

    btw, i like the combination of u guys names. cantik!

  5. Wyne:
    Bukan follower yg 1st..dia yg 1st tau pasal blog saya hehe..

    ba jan lupa buat hehe

  6. Just:
    okey, jan lupa buat...

    thanks again hehe..tiba2 ja ba ada idea kasi combine tu nama hehe


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