01 December 2010

7 Qualities of a Good Husband

Hello dear friends,
Now i able to post some update here. Been so busy this morning.
December always be a busy month for me.
It become an annual routine.
But, i took it in positive way.
This busy work will not refrain me from thinking
about December celebrations..absolutely not hehe!

Well, yesterday I shared with you the
qualities that a wife should have to
be a good wife. So how about the husbands?..
What qualities that a women looking for a
good husband?..

So i share with you these:-

7 Qualities of a Good Husband

Looking for a potential husband - maybe you're looking to improve the one to whom you're married? Perhaps you're a husband looking to improve yourself? Regardless of your reason, wouldn't the following qualities be a good place to start?

7) Handy - Guys, are you handy - what is handy? Handy is when you take action to solve a problem, handy is when you change a light bulb without complaint, handy is when you take out the garbage (your idea, not hers). Wives like for their husbands to be handy - it's not hard, be part of the solution - not the problem.

 6) Provision Oriented - Please don't get excited - this isn't about the husband making all the money. Its an attitude to help your wife fill in gaps. She can't do everything - so help her! Is she busy with the kids - give up 10 minutes of the ballgame and clean dishes, fold laundry, or whatever. You don't even need to be all that big of a help - you just need to show you're trying.

 5) Humility - Nobody likes an arrogant man - there's no place for it in marriage. Show humility - when you're wrong - admit it and do so with humility. She'll probably be shocked and her reaction might be unpredictable - but inside she'll glow with admiration.

 4) Adaptability - Guys, marriage is an ever changing world and you've got to adapt favorably to those changes or you'll find yourself wondering what you're doing and how you got there. If you look closely at your wife - filtering out years of environmentally induced behavioural changes - you'll see that glowing woman you fell in love with years ago. Let me explain further - your love and feelings toward your wife might not changed since the day both you married. However, your relationship has changed as a necessity to those changes around you. Time constraints, needs of children, financial obligations, etc. each require a level of effort that takes time away from your relationship. No longer do both you have the luxury of hours to spend alone together. You're success as a husband will largely be dependent on your attitude toward the adaptations required by life. Lastly, don't let the tail wag the dog - don't let your feelings toward life's changes affect feelings toward your wife - leave this to your heart.

 3) Sensitivity - You can forget what you learned in high school - most women aren't looking for a husband who never cries. A sensitive husband perceives the needs of his wife and looks to meet them. Sensitivity toward your wife will open doors of communication and intimacy you never thought possible. Try it, get that chip off your shoulder and show her some sensitivity.

2) Faithfulness / Loyalty - Show her you're in it for the long haul (notice I said show her). How can you show someone you're faithful and loyal? Do you follow through with your commitments - however small they might be? Are you honest with your wife? Do you keep her up to date on your activities? Do you include her in your world? She's interested - show her it's not just about you - its about her as well and you'll reap the benefits of her security.

 1) Good Listener - This might be the biggest challenge for husbands. You see, by nature, men are usually productive oriented and women are usually more relational. Men often make the mistake of trying to solve their wife's "problems". She doesn't want you to solve anything - she wants you to listen (really listen) and show her that you truly are interested in what she says. She wants you to feel what she feels and live what she lives. When you learn to truly listen to your wife and keep your mouth shut - your marriage will blossom.

source: EzineArticle

So, wives check this! And husbands, do a self-check .. are you in those criteria?..
Sharing is caring. Indeed this is a good tip to remember, to prolong your marriage life. :)

Till then, have a lovely Wednesday.



  1. mesti..good listener bh kan..harap my Hubby (future) ada 2/3 quality ...teda orang yang perfect bh kan

  2. I like it when he scan through kitchen & refrigerator before go for groceries shopping.

    "don't let your feelings toward life's changes affect feelings toward your wife" - I like this!

  3. yes, i keep telling my husband and other guys that men who are handy is well respected by the ladies. of course my husband doesnt know how to make a chair or fix the cabinet or get the ceiling fan works..but yes, at least he's able to change the light bulb, try to find solution on how to fix the audio etc etc...those simple things. :)

  4. Faithfulness / Loyalty - I am?

    kadang2 aku tak pasti yang mana satu..

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I am always a good listener..hehehe

  7. Beaty:
    ya, nobody's perfect. As long as both you happy together, it's enough as it is.

  8. Just:
    Ya, i like that pharse too.

    Auww..so sweet ur hubby..hehe!

  9. chegu carol:
    wow, thanks for sharing your experience. Sometimes simple things can give more meaning.

  10. Biskut:
    haha..ala, tidak pasti ttg diri sendiri.. hmmm

  11. Gunsirit:
    wow, your wife must be lucky to have u as husband :)

  12. a very3 good tips.. :)mesti mau ikut ni.. :)


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