16 December 2010

Christmas Presents For Husband

You may be a great party organizer and an excellent gift planner. However, when it comes to gifting your husband, you are sure to feel the pressure. It becomes particularly difficult to decide on the gift for husband if you have been married for a long time. This is because you have gifted him all the things, which you think he needs the most and likes the best. The task becomes more complicated if your husband is a person who gets his stuffs by himself when and where he requires them. A quick flashback reveals that he has the latest gadget, modern trend of shirt and shoes, colognes and every other thing you could think of. Whatever the case may be, your gift will always be special to him as this represents your love and care for him. Try something unique this Christmas and surprise him with the least expected gift. We bring you some unusual Christmas gift ideas for husband, which will not only express your love for him but also boost your relation.

Christmas Presents For Husband

Romantic Christmas Dinner
Arrange for a surprise romantic dinner for your husband this Christmas. Prepare all his favorites and lay in the dinner table in the most fashionable manner. Put some red roses in a vase and place it in the center of the table. Decorate the room with Christmas decorations using the Christmas tree, ornaments, bells, Santa Claus dummy and other crafts. Put as many candles in the room as possible and place a big fashionable candle at the center of the table. Once you are done with the above works, switch off the lights and darken the room. When your husband is back home, take him to the room and light the candles. You can see him feeling extremely delighted at the care you took to give him such a pleasant surprise.

Personalized Items
Personalized items always have their benefits in being a convenient mode to express one’s sincere feelings to the recipient. You can present your husband cuddling pillows, personalized coffee-mugs, bracelet with his initial, his favourite books with his name engraved on the cover and the likes. If he has an inclination to a particular game, you can present him the sports kit. You can even buy him a ticket for any of his favorite match. Even the membership voucher to a sports club of his choice will be another fantastic gift idea.

Make personalized small tokens out of cardboard pasted with attractive papers. Make 25 tokens, one for each day. Write short personal messages on the back of each of the tokens. Write such messages, which convey your heart-felt love to your man, which had been unsaid in these years of marriage. Put these tokens in a vase and ask your husband to pick up a card each day till the day of Christmas. The messages can boost up the love between to an unimaginable height.

Key Chain
Present your husband a personalized key chain this Christmas. You can easily get a key chain carrying the initial letter of his name. Look out for such key chains which either has a small Santa Claus or snowman dummy. Even hangings of bell or other Christmas ornaments can make an excellent key chain.

Photo Frame
Take a photo which best expresses your love and encase it in an attractive photo frame. Choose a photo frame with Christmas theme and add a personal message at the bottom of the photo. You can also tie a small red ribbon at the top to give a further Christmas look to the gift.

Christmas Poem
Dedicate a romantic Christmas poem to your husband through cards or by simply reciting them to him. You can either take the poem of any poet of his choice or can go a step further to write a poem of your own.

Gift Baskets
Gift baskets have always been favourite Christmas gifts among the mass. When it comes to gifting your husband, choose such items, which are his favorites. This can be anything starting from the electronic gadgets, wine, shirts, watch to the lip-smacking food items. Fill the basket with cookies, candies, dried flowers, Christmas ornaments, candy cane, and other things, which you can think of. Wrap the basket with a ribbon and cover the stuffs with a net.

source:  world of Christmas

Stella says:
Another post about Christmas gift and this time is for the wives.. :)
Well, i am looking one too for dear one..hehe..:) Seriously, can't wait for Christmas. Hoping that Christmas celebration this year will be more meaningful and unforgettable ever. The most important is you are going to celebrate it with your loved one. :)

Till then, Have a great Thursday..:)


  1. Sa mau kasi beli hubby sa sluar jeans for xmas gift..ekeke (terbocor rahsia trus...haha!)

  2. Wyne:
    Mcm tersama pula..sya pun ada pikir gitu hahaha

  3. Romantic dinner prepared by me?? never! Wahahahaah... tp i like the tokens idea.

    Ermm.. kami buat time NY! heheheh...


  5. Sa belum tefikir lagi o0o.. Hehe!

  6. Wondering which one will be mine heheheh... :p

  7. Just:
    hehe..ko nda romantic ka Just..hehe..
    ya the tokens idea blh bt time new year kan :)

  8. richard:
    u just choose which want dear..i do it for you..hehe

  9. uh,kalau semua tuh mau difikirkan hanya untuk satu bentuk hadiah saja,boleh pening ooo stella.sedangkan mau beli besday gift pon abih semua kedai masuk..tuh belum lagi married tuh...adoyai..

  10. Biskut:
    Tu la..uhuhuuu..for man susah sikit ba mau beli present..kalau perempuan senang hehe..

  11. I think I have a good idea about gifts for hubbies... I'm gonna post about it ;) Later I link you yea...

  12. Yo Stella, check this out... heehe

  13. Kalau buli, kalau saya la, kalau la dapat kan, saya mau yg siuk2 punya..heeeeee

  14. si guns, yg siuk2 punya ah...yg pa maciam tu?

    anyways, i seldom have problem choosing either xmas gifts or bday present for the hubby cos i usually ask what he wants. tapi ada budget lah bcos if not, suka2 ja dia minta kereta baru ni ehehehe

  15. Gunsirit:
    hahaha..apa yg siuk2 tu aaa?..hehe

  16. Chegu carol:
    owh..ko tnya ur hubby apa dia minta. Ngam juga gitu..tp kalau sya, sya suka kasi surprise my hubby..:) sya suka tgk muka dia tersurprise dan terharu :P

  17. I don't know what to give this year for Mr. M...selalu saya tanya dia but sometimes mesti mau buat surprise juga bah kan...hihihi

  18. Sumandak:
    nah, sya sukung. Ko kasi ja surprise..hehe


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