21 December 2010

His Birthday

Hello everyone, it's Tuesday  again and it's 4 more days to Christmas holiday.. :)
How i can't wait for holidays. Right now i am really not in the mood for work, but in the mood for holiday..hehe..

Well, as i promised you before, I'll post some of about my spouse's birthday celebration. Okay these were how it went.

On the day of his birthday, his parents invited us to Kam Boh Seafood Restaurant for dinner located at opposite of KK Times Square Building around 7.00pm. This was for hubby's birthday treat too.. Birthday celebration at hubby's family side always celebrated with dinner or lunch without birthday cake. At 1st i feel it is weird because most of birthday celebrations in their family were celebrated without birthday cake. But after almost 3 years of marriage, i able to adapt to their birthday tradition and gotten used to it. 

 Steamed Tilapia, Kangkung Belacan, 
Fried Sayur Manis cooked with Egg and Boiled Prawns
 -Kam Boh Seafood Restaurant-

After the dinner treat, we went back home. He was absolutely looked tired because before that he was in 3 hours journey drove from Kudat to KK , picked me up at my office and then went directly to Kam Boh Restaurant for dinner.

The moment he entered the house, he asked me. " Where is my present? " I felt that was really funny question because I actually intended to give him surprises. "Look everywhere, you'll find it hehehe..", I answered him. Then, he moved here and there to look for present..hahaha.. And as he entered in the bedroom, finally he saw something on our bed.

He was very happy to saw this present. I put the present on our bed before i left to work that very morning. In case he arrived home early(intended to surprise him). And as always he took photo of the birthday present first before deciding to unwrap it..

Meanwhile, as he was so busy capturing the photo of the birthday present, i quickly run to kitchen to prepare a birthday cake ( this is to surprise him too). I took out the birthday cake from refrigerator and put on the candles, suddenly he came to the kitchen hahaha.. It seems that my planning for this birthday cake surprise not really successful haha.. but he said he didn't expecting for birthday cake at all and he really can't believe I could bought a birthday cake for him (i didn't have transportation to go for cake shopping, but i got my own way how to get a cake hehe), so i guess there was a lil' bit of success..haha..

Happy face.. He was touched i bought him a birthday cake..hehe!

After we had some slices of cake, i asked him to connect the SD card to cpu to look for the photos captured earlier whether they're nice or not (haha.. this was also a tactic to surprise him hehe)
As he opened the computer, he saw these.. hehehe..
Another surprise for him. I created my own desktop wallpaper birthday cards for him. And he was really surprised and laughing all along as he saw the cards..hehe. Maybe because of the birthday hats.. haha..

The very next day, i brought him to Upperstar for a birthday treat. As usual he ordered his favorite meal.. :)

Mushroom soup, Grilled Lamb Chop, 
Grilled Chicken Chop and Seafood Tempura.
-Upperstar, Damai-

Okay that is all for now. I guess he had fun on his brithday. Indeed, both of us had fun.
Absolutely we will cherish these moments for the rest of our life.

"Cherish every moment and 
live every moment like there's no tomorrow"




  1. hahahah.. surprise yg nda brp menjadi ni kali!! but yg penting dia happy! :D

  2. Just:
    Ya ba, terkejut sya..tau2 dia d blakang sya suda hahaha..cepat2 sya cover tp dia suda nmpk hahaha..

    Tp nda apa, yg penting dia hepi..:)

  3. sa tumpang happy jugak la, bulih kah...hahaha

  4. Baby Yats:
    Bulih ba kalay kau yats..hehehe..

    Thanks for visiting here :)

  5. sa ari tu kena marah sbb beli bday cake utk dia. hahaha.

  6. both of you are sooo sweet! how i wish there are moments like this in my life...

  7. weee...
    happening juga bha stel...

  8. so sweet sis...bestnya dapat buat begitu kan...happynya..hehe

  9. Fifiejay:
    Adui..sian..kena marah pula, tidak say tahnk you?..hehe..

    mungkin dia nda mo ko susah2 beli kek baitu..hihi

  10. Dev:
    Thanks..Ba buli bah ko tu...Minta soulmate ko kasi sweet2 sama ko.. :)

  11. Mr_Mrs Mikko:
    Boleh2 la mikko...sengaja mau buat surprise utk dia tp ada juga yg nda menjadi..mungkin dia suda dpt agak..hehe

  12. Ellen:
    thanks :)
    You pun boleh buat gitu bah tu ellen. Kasi surprise hubby ko :)

    Thanks for visiting here :)

  13. Hi stella,

    wah syoknya and nice to see to come out with suprises, bah if x jadi ok juga bah yg penting ada kan hehehe

  14. Vera:
    Thanks for visiting here Vera..

    Ya bah, yg penting spent time together kan time birthday :)

  15. prawns n mushroom soup tuh yang bikin tak tahan tengok tuh...my favourites tuh stella.lepak cafe mesti order mushroom soup.

    hepi besday to ur hubby k.enjoy ur life.

  16. I giggle when I read what's happened at the kitchen.. You're so sweet! ^_^ He must be very happy with what you have done on his birthday. Hehe..

  17. haha funny pla sy yg tym ko d kitchen skali ur hubby dtg..hehe.sweet celebration for him! tho nda brapa jd but yg pntg dia happy.hee

  18. yang penting dia rasa terharu, ok la tu...

  19. saya renung lama2 tu kek, alala..saya lapar trus nih..hoho

    eh, hepy besday sama dia bilang ar :)

  20. u guys are just soo good together :)
    God bless :)

  21. Biskut:
    Fav ko pula tu.. udang sya nda brp..tp mushroom soup my fav! hehe..

    Okay, sent to him :D

  22. AnnieMing:
    Kami time di kitchen tu pun rasa sgt funny..nda berenti ketawa ni..sebab kedapatan hahaha..

    Thanks for visiting here Annie..:)
    U and ur hubby pun sweet bah :D

  23. Cindy:
    Ya tho nda brp jadi, yg penting ada kan hehehe..funny sya rasa time d kitchen tu..hehe

    You have a nice day Cindy :D

  24. Zezebel:
    Ya tu yg penting :)
    Thanks for visiting here..
    Have a nice day Zezebel :D

  25. Kreatifbuzz:
    Bah, ko try la order cake sana strawberry cake hse..mmg sedap hehe

    Thanks for the visit :)
    Have a nice day

  26. NC:
    Thanks. Both u and ur hubby pun bah..hehe

    Thanks for visiting here :D

  27. Punya banyak surprise Stella, hehe...
    Paling saya suka tu wallpaper dalam PC...very cute ooo!

  28. Ei, they celebrate without cake? hmm family tradition ba tu kan.

    omg what wonderful surprises... especially d wallpaper ;)

    Adui, ada lagi Upperstar the day after the dinner d restaurant. Gumuk la hubby ko ni muahahaaha jk

    Happy belated Birthday to your sayang k :)

  29. Sumandak Kinabalu:
    Ya ada 3 surprises sya bagi..hehe..

    Ya dia suka tu card d wallpaper..berabis dia ketawa tingu sebab tu birthday hats kali. Sya kasi copy paste taruh di gmbr bah tu hats hehe

  30. Okayarms:
    Ya dorang biasa gitu.. Teda kek.. entah apa punya tradition hehe.. mmg dr kecil kali kali drg gitu hehehe..

    Nda gumuk bah, nnti sya suruh dia p gym, exercise..hehehe

    Okay will send to him.

    Thanks for visiting here :)

  31. Sya baca senyum2.. macam bulih imagine tu situation. Tapi kamurang mimang CUTE! hahahahah!

  32. One:
    adehhh, sya ingatkan sepa..ko pula tu Eva..hahaha... Mmg funny masa d kitchen tu, berabis kami ketawa...haha


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