22 December 2010

A Mystery Gift

It's Wednesday.. and 3 more days until Christmas.. wow can't wait hehe..

Yesterday, as I reached home around 8.35pm, i checked our letter box and i found this one white envelope which my name written on it as the receiver. I wasn't really had an idea what it was about.  I was thinking who's the sender until i read this familiar name just at back of the envelope.

Yes, it's a gift from JUST :)

As soon as i found out that it was from Just, i opened the envelope and saw this cute lil' pink bag.

A cute little pink bag and a small Christmas card 
together with her business card.. :D

Thanks JUST for the gift. Hope you and your family will have a fun coming holiday :)

That's it for now. 
Till then have a great Wednesday :)



  1. Awww..how sweet!:) And it's pink heheheheh:)

  2. stelle ad jua sa dapat ..blum smpt mau blog ni...

  3. Getzzz:
    Sweet isn't..and it's pink!..hehe

    Thanks for visiting here :)

  4. beaty:
    bah cpt blog it out!..hehe

    Thanks for the visit :D

  5. sdh dpt pulak! heheheh... thanks for the post! Sia ingat ada surprise dr hubby ko lagi.. hahaha...

  6. Pink is cute :)
    Best o kan kalau dapat something like that from friends..

  7. Just:

    haha..tau2 surprise dr ko pula hehe..

    Thanks again :D

  8. Sumandak kinabalu:
    yes, pink is cute kan :D
    Mmg best dpt gift dr kwn yg nun jauh d seberang..

  9. Argh! I'm too busy with revision smpi lum ada masa check my mail box..I mean, my FIL yg check baitu tp sa yg lum tanya dia..

    Batimbun suda lagi surat-surat sa ni (*_*)

    p/s Stella, word verification for my comments is NENESS!! woww..haha!

  10. Wyne:
    Maybe ko suda dpt tu, cpt tnya FIL ko hehehe..

    NENESS??..haha funny!!


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