09 December 2010

Reminiscing Unforgettable Vacation : South Korea

Hi dear friends,
It's Thursday..:) and we are heading to Christmas Day soon! Yeay.. can't wait! 

I am now really in holiday mood and I need vacation! hehe..
Looking back at year 2009, i went out of the country for vacations. Yes, i went to South Korea and Beijing for vacation for about 10 days.. Indeed it was unforgettable vacations and will always fresh in my mind..

And for this year, my vacations mostly within Sabah only. Not long vacation though, only a couple of days trip.. However, I am planning for long vacation this year end. So, wait for new update about this soon okay..hehe 

Well for this post, I wanted to share with you the reminiscence of my unforgettable vacation in South Korea. I still remember the excitement to go vacation for South Korea. The air flight took 5 hours to reached at Incheon Internatinal Airport. We flew there by Korean Air at about 12am and arrived at the airport at about 4am and to my surprise 4am in Korea is like 7am in Kota Kinabalu. The surrounding is bright enough for you to walk here and there for 4am. I was really speechless on that time..haha..

People says, a picture is worth a thousand words, so i serve you this few of our unforgettable moment in South Korea. :)

I managed to posed with this beautiful Korean lady before 
she starts to do her Korean traditional dance show.

We at the traditional Korean house area and
we took this chance to shot pic with these cute Korean mascots.

We in Korean traditional costume..

 At Nami Island. The popular Korean Drama, ' Winter Sonata' scenes were done here.
We didn't realize that our pose is likely similar as the poster behind..haha!

We behind the Korean Royal costume..

Hubby at Korean traditional house.

Again at Nami Island. A picture with 'Winter Sonata' poster 
for remembrance.. :)

Okay that's all about our visit in Korea. Next post will be vacation in Beijing.. Stay tune!.. :)

p/s: Where are you planning to go for this year end vacation?.. Come on, please do some sharing hehe.. I am really care to know.. :)

With love,


  1. Let's go there again.. Sya x sabar mau ssuuuuttiiiiiiii... heheheh.. :p

  2. Wow! Happy for you all..sya bercuti sana tabasan saja lah..ehhe

  3. sia pnya NY d KK!!! Wohooooo... ba, jom jmpa2 sama sis mouren... bw hubby ko spy hubby sia nda boring... hahahaha..

  4. wow best ooo leh jalan2 makan angin luar negara punya...tunggu lha jugak aku pon mau hirup udara luar plak..nice2 stella.very cool

  5. Wow that's a wonderful vacation! I love that Korean traditional costume...Nda buli pinjam skijap and take picture ka tu?

    This coming holiday? Hmm...No plans yet. Maybe just a road trip to Queenstown :)

  6. OOps..So you did wear the costume..I didn't notice that at first! Hehe..

  7. Gunsirit:
    aah??..tabasan?..haha..i am sure ko mesti suda jalan2 d luar negara juga kan..hehe!

  8. Just:
    wow, ko celebrate new year d KK?..bah kalau teda aral melintang, bulih juga ba tu..hehe! sure mesti bw hubby punya :)

  9. Biskut:
    Ya mmg best. Dpt experience baru..lain dr Malaysia.. yes, cuba share2 la kalau ko pun vacation nnti..hehe!

  10. LizeeWong:
    ya i did wear the korean costume. siok rasa dia hehe..
    No plan yet?.. i am sure you'll have plan tu nnti hehe..

  11. Vacation?? Paling-paling pun di Ranau saja...hehe
    Hari tu plan Chinese New Year mau terbang ke Sarawak, entah jadi kah tida nie :)

    Nice pics Stella, macam buli rasa tu excitement :)

  12. Joy Norin:
    Sabar ko..hehehe.. Ko pun boleh pigi bah tu..

  13. Sumandak Kinabalu:
    Mau terbang di Sarawak?..best juga tu..hehehe..sya pun mau terbang sana nnti.. :D

  14. hye..follow u:)
    OMO, korea ! hehe..great journey eh? hehe

  15. Fen:
    Thanks for visiting here.. Follow you too..

  16. Heheh...teda oppurtunity mau cuti mcm ko stelle..heheh...Doi apaka rasa pakai Hanbook tu...

  17. Beaty:
    Bulih ba tu beaty, ko jek2 la bos ko..hehe..

    Itu handbok sya pakai mcm rasa org pregnant ja sebab basarrr...hehe!


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