06 December 2010

Wasabers Poster 6th December 2010

Wow.. WSB poster of this week is in green color. Green means life. Abundant in nature, green signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment. So i hope WSB will grow more and will fill with much of inspired bloggers. 
And of course, the main thing is Sabahan bloggers get to unite together.. :)

I wasn't really remember and didn't expected that my slogan will be put on this poster. You can see it at the top part of the poster. Last week, the generous admin of WSB said he wanted to put my slogan on WSB poster, and i don't take it seriously because i thought it was just a fun conversation. Wow.. he fulfill his words. Thanks so much admin.. you're the best!..hehe..

So, if you are blogger and is Sabahan, don't wait.. Register at WSB now. 
It's colourful in there, full of inspired bloggers.. :)
If you always wanted to get to know other Sabahan bloggers and wanted to explore what WSB is about,
register HERE.  

Okay that's it for now. 
I am so happy.. This WSB poster of the week has made my Monday extraordinary..hehe!



  1. Bah bestnya slogan ko kena pakai untuk WSB ^_^

  2. Congratz...
    Makin kicil sdh nama sia.. huhuhu..

  3. Morning Stelllaa...teda nama sya sana tu pun? :((

  4. hmm..wsb salin pakaian dari purple-green.admin rajin update.

  5. Nama saya lagi lah tidak nampak...hehe
    Apapun, congrats Stella :)

  6. AnnieMing:
    ya ba hehe..thanks to edmin wsb hehe

  7. Gunsirit:
    aih, mo kena inform admin tu..

  8. Biskut:
    Dia mmg rajin update. Lgpun ada assistant suda ba dia..hehe

  9. Sumandak Kinabalu:
    Ya ka?..atukoi... bah tq..hehe!


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