22 December 2010


Ellen ( a blogger friend) conducting an INTERESTING segment which is a segment created to enroll in her bloglist. So for those who want to be in her bloglist, you can participate in the segment. She invited me to join in this segment few days ago and I am willingly to support her.

Honestly, she is a nice blogger friend and constant in her blog updates. Most of her posts are about current news and few parts of her life. It's fun to read her blog and it is full of informative news too.. For me visiting to her blog is a must because you can see that her blog serves you various type of interesting stories. 

I really love to read the post titled "Happy Birthday MummyNemo". The post was about her experiences in blogging world and how she managed to struggles in only 5 months time to be known in this virtual world. Honestly I am really proud of her and truly respect of her effort because she managed to create her own mark in this blogging world in a short period.. :D

If she asks me what comments i would give to her about her current blog, i would say her blog is good enough. Informative and interesting enough. Perhaps maybe only do some changes for the font size or font type to make it looks more interesting and neat. However, the current appearance are good enough. At the end of the day, it's all depend to herself whether she want to create some new environment for her blog. And i welcome that with a big heart, as long as it is nice and good to see..hehe..

Okay that is all about Ellen's blog. Do come and visit her blog HERE and get to know her closely. You'll not regret to find her as a blogger friend, she is really a nice blogger.

By the way, this segment offer some prizes, so if you really eager to know what the prizes are, do visit her blog.. :D



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