17 December 2010

Birthday Again


It's 17th December 2010 and there is a Birthday Celebration again. 
Yes, birthday again..hehe.. But this time it's not mine. It's hubby's birthday.  December is indeed full of celebration for us. And i wrote it before.. do you remember?.. :)

I did wished him birthday as early as 12.00am through the phone. Well, i am going to plan something for him. Maybe go to a nice restaurant for his birthday treat. Like what he did for me on my last birthday, I'm going to bring him to his favorite place to eat too. At the moment he is on the way back to KK from Kudat and of course he will pick me up later after around 5.30pm.

Surprise?..hmmm..cannot state here.. Nanti bocor rahsia..hehe

Okay, will blogout later about the celebration.

Till then have a fun Friday.. :)
P/s:  It's coincidence. Just (a blogger friend) 's hubby also born on this day. I wonder what is she planning for her hubby.. :)



  1. wear a sexy lingerie..auwmm!!..haha..happy befday 2 ur hubby..me, ur hubby n just hubby shared a same special day..shuka! shuka!

  2. I will be waiting for the next post from you...cerita psal surprise gift to hubby..he he he!

    Bah, dinner di mana lah nie? It's Friday nite lagi..

  3. waa..
    pas ko bday..
    hubby ko pla ah..

  4. Lina:
    Oh ya kan, sama pula bday ko , Just's hubby and hubby sya..hehe.. Happy bday to the 3 of u..:)

    sexy lingerie?..wow..hehehe..

  5. Wyne:
    Ok.. will post about it soon..:)
    Blm tau lg mana dinner. Mau tnya dia dulu.. mana yg dia suka tmpt mau mamam..hehe

  6. Mr Mrs Mikko:
    Ya, kami bday dlm bulan yg sama. Si Just pun gitu..hehe

  7. Wow sama hari kah birthday hubby ko sama hubby si Just...Happy birthday to your hubby.,..heeeee

  8. Gunsirit:
    Ya, sama hari..hehe..tapi tidak tau lah jam sama ka tidak hahaha... ok will send ur wish to him :)

  9. mesti ada ko buat utk dia kan.. sia teda la apa2 ni.. sdh belanja dia lunch td.. :D

    Happy buffday to Mr. Stella! heheheh...

  10. waa..siok o both of u born on the same month..hehe..blessed birthday to ur hubby too kio! God bless both of u! :)

  11. wah!Happy bday to Mr Stella la...hahhaa..tiru si Just punya gelaran tu...bah, sa tunggu ni ko punya cerita pasal suprise ni..so sweet!!

  12. Happy Birthday to your hubby Stella...
    Wish all the best to both of you and appreciate each other :)

    p/s tulung kodut untuk saya...hehehe

  13. happy birthday to ur hubby !!

  14. happy birthday to hubby sis stella..hehe..tmrw me pla bday..:p

  15. Stella, I guess by now you know what present to give him kan... haaha jk. Wa syoknya if next time my future-wife bring me go restaurant for my birthday. Lucky him, his wife so romantic ;)

  16. dekat saja ko punya besday dengan hubby ko ek...senang mau diingat bha kan..hepi besday utk hubby ko jgk..

  17. all the suggestions were taken.. hmp! let me think about my suggestion...

    uhmp! i guess some Victoria secret sexy piece of cloth is a good thing hehe..

  18. Happy birthday to Mr. StellaClaire! :)

  19. Just:
    ya ada sya buat hehehe...
    Ok juga ba tu belanja mkn..hehe

  20. CIndy:
    Ya siok..hehehe..senang mau ingat..
    Thanks..GBU too :)

  21. Ellen:
    hi..hahaha..TQ..okay tunggu.......!! :)

  22. Sumandak:
    Thanks..:) GBU..

    p/s: suda sya kodut hehe

  23. Asai:
    Thanks. Suda..hehe.
    Happy bday to u too..:)

  24. Nanie:
    Thanks! Happy bday to u too..:) GBU

  25. okayarms:
    I am sure your future wife to be pun lg better..hehe.. Thanks!

  26. Biskut:
    Thanks!..Betul, senang mau ingat bah hehehe


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