07 December 2010

Kasih Sayang Resort

Hello dear visitors,
Thank you so much for keep visiting here and reading my post.
Wow.. there are so much contest and giveaway lately until most of my post is about giveaway, contest as well as tagging post.

Well, for this post, it's not about contest or tagging post. It's about a beautiful place I've visited few months ago. 

Yes, I would like to share about this place called Kasih Sayang Resort.  I saw Beaty, a blogger friend of mine blogout about this beautiful place and I think I want to share about my experience to this place too.. Oh ya before I proceed, a good friend of mine Beverly, also suggested me to make a review about this place. Well, i am about to share with you about it now..hehe..

-Suggestion by Beverly. Message through Facebook-

Actually we (hubby and me)went there on the last August 2010. That was during the Independence Day holiday.We took about 30 minutes to reached the place. As we reached there, we were greeted by fresh, cool breeze and greenery scenery. What a beautiful place.. Kasih Sayang Resort located on top of hill and you can view the city of Kota Kinabalu from here. The feeling of cool breeze still fresh in my mind. As if you are at Kundasang..hehe.. This place absolutely beautiful.. If you want to escape from the busy city life for a while, this place is an ideal place to go. You'll not regret.. The mesmerizing view really produces a calm and relaxing mind.. 

You can go there for a day trip or you can also stay there to experience the amazing night in Kasih Sayang Resort. We went there only for a day trip and wish to stay at the resort someday.. Weekdays promotion RM99 only per room inclusive breakfast for two. Normal rate is RM198 nett.

Okay as usual, here are some of pics of the trip.. :)

-View from Kasih Sayang Resort, you can see KK city from here-

-Standard room-

 -Deluxe room-

 -Can you see the view behind us.. Mesmerizing isn't..hehe-

-The room's rate-

-At the resort entrance-

- I managed to shoot this western tourists..hehe.. -

Okay, that's it for now.
So, if you want to go for a trip this weekend, i suggest you go for Kasih Sayang Resort.
I guarantee you will love this place.. HERE is Kasih Sayang Resort website.

Till then, i hope you had a great day today.. :)


  1. nice contest stella :)

    masib baik buka rasa sayang resort.. tampat saya karaja. :)

    buli ikut ka? :)

  2. Wow..can saya tebus dengan contest ni my family fly to KK last 2 days left me over in KL

  3. Donny:
    haha..you have to read towards the end of this post. it's not a contest haha

  4. akubiomed:
    Well, you can come to KK anytime you like hehe... I'll welcome you with warm heart :)

  5. wow.. i didnt know that there is such a beautiful resort.. thanks for sharing the information..

  6. I was working at QEH back in 99 and rental at Kepayan Ridge

  7. Reanaclaire:
    Yes, there are. Come and feel the experience being there :)

  8. akubiomed:
    oh, i see. So you've been in KK before. Great!

  9. wah bila sa dapat stay overnight sana kan..calm bh kan sana

  10. Beaty:
    Ya..mmg calm di sana..hehe..
    Bah p la time weekdays lg murah :)

  11. bagus sekali info ko nih stella..kira place nih tidak jauh dari kk lha.nanti aku ushar balik kat internet,mana tau boleh aku singgah mencuba bila aku balik bercuti ke sabah.thanx stella..

  12. Amazing pictures...nasip sya teda duit ohh..kalau tidak sya sewa ni resort 1 tahun..hehe

  13. cantik ni tempat kn :)
    slu sa limpas2 sb dekat rumah mentua..hehe..
    tpi blm penah stay lagi la..hahaha..makan2 ja (^_^)..next time la,

  14. Biskut:
    Ya, tidak jauh dr KK ni tmpt. Bah nnti kalau ko balik kk, pigi lah jalan2 sini..hehe

  15. Gunsirit:
    Aiyo...tidak payah sewa bah. Ko pigi day trip ja bah..ok juga tu..

  16. NC:
    Oh ko slu juga ko limpas sana...bgus oh..ko p honeymoon sana lah..murah juga pakej dia tu..hehe

  17. Sasa:
    Sana bukit kokol..on the way pigi kionsom waterfall inanam... ko cari sana goggle map..hehe

  18. :D *sanyum basar².. dr hujung telinga ke hujung* hehehe....thanks 4d rebiu stella! ^^

  19. Wow..It really is a nice place...but not so well-known kan? :)

  20. Baverly:
    Ok bev..hehehe..dr ko juga buat suggestion kan hehe

  21. LizeeWong:
    Getting popular already the place..ramai org tau suda

  22. sis, kalo ko p kasih sayang, sure ko akan limpas rumah sa...coz saya stay kat kokol sana..hehehe..bah sapa2 mo p ..roger2 lah..boleh kita sama2..hahaha...

  23. Ellen:
    ya ka?..nombor brp rumah ko?..hehe..blh melawat lain kali..hehe!


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