08 December 2010

Rapunzel in 3D

Wow.. it's been long time i didn't watch movie at cinema. Yes, i watch movie but at home.. Yg download punya haha.. :P

Yesterday, me and dear one as well as my bro and sisters went to GSC cinema at Suria Sabah to watch a movie. Yes, we watch the Rapunzel Movie in 3D. Wow.. it's an amazing experience. That was the 1st time i went for 3D movie. It was really interesting.. :)


Rapunzel movie, as you know it is a popular childhood story. The light storyline is suitable enough for kids. That is why i brought my sisters to watch this movie, since it's a school holiday.

For those who love animation film,  can go for this movie. The movie storyline fills with funny characters and few of sad scenes. I was really touched on a scene where Rapunzel finally able to unite again with her parents. 

So, if you're looking for movie this weekend, why don't you go for Rapunzel.. hehe.. Oh and don't forget, go for 3D too.. :)

 -Happy faces.. Bro and sisters in 3D specs-

-Us in 3D specs..hehe-

-RM16 per person for 3D movie.. Quite expensive isn't-

Okay, I end this post here.
Take care :)



  1. Wa..lawa pula ohh kalau pakai 3-D glasses...teda bule bawa pulang kaitu?

  2. Saya belum pernah lagi tengok movie in 3D...hehe
    But my sister said, itu cerita Rapunzel memang best :)

  3. Gunsirit:
    Ya ka?..adeiii..TQ lah..
    mana bulih bw pulang tu spec..mau kasi balik tu..

  4. Sumandak kinabalu:
    Ya siok tu Rapunzel..funny2 ba ni movie.. Bah ko pi la try tingu yg 2d punya hehe..

  5. Sumandak Kinabalu:
    Opps.. correction.. yg 3D punya bah hehehe

  6. hehehe...tu suria sabah sebelah office sa jak...tapi baru satu kali sa p sana. even rapunzel pun sa blum p tingu...aduii...mau pigi laini...

  7. dulu first time muvie sa tgk in 3d is Airbander..heheh quite ok la..but kalo tingu anime lagi bagus kali kan..hidup tu 3d dia kan

  8. Am taking Alden to watch this movie too :) But maybe not 3D la..here 3D cost $19.

  9. sia pun blm penah lg p tgk 3D movie oo... nnt la cari masa... :D

  10. Dev:
    Nah dekat suda tu.. apa lagi..bulih la tu hehe

  11. Beaty:
    Ya, i think better tgk anime kalau mau p 3d punya movie..lg siok..:)

  12. LizeeWong:
    wow.. too expensive..btw, this Rapunzel movie really cute... you have to bring your kids to watch it :)

  13. Just:
    masa sentiasa ada tu..haha.. misti tingu ni..siok :)

  14. dah tonton rapunzel satu keluarga..tapi bukan 3d la..memang bestt...

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  15. mmg best.. sya bg 4 bintang dr 5 bintang.. :) next megamind mau tgk.. :)

  16. Eyrigazz:
    owh, kalau tgk dlm 3d lagi best!!..hehe

  17. ha ha great pics Stella, I feel an idiot in 3D specs lol

  18. wah...bestnya sis, p tgk rapunzel lagi..ellen lama dah nak p tak da ja kesempatan..bah lain kali roger2..kita sama2 p..hhahahaa


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