10 December 2010

Reminiscing Unforgettable Vacation : Beijing

Hello dear friends,
Here is another post of reminiscing unforgettable vacation. This time vacation in Beijing. For an info, we went there on the June 2009 right away after South Korea trip.  I still remember vacation in Beijing was great enough. There are so many places to visit until we were so exhausted. The tourist guide asked us to cope with all the visit places so that we will not regret back home in Malaysia. At of course a must visit places like Great Wall of China, Forbidden City and Bird's Nest Stadium were included in the itinerary.

I found many weird things in Beijing. Some of them looks funny haha..  

Found this warning at staircase..haha

What shape of this building?..

 A small truck with 3 tyres..

Again, weird-shaped buildings..

The grass is smiling?.. :)

 Can you see scorpions and other types of insect?.. They eat these..

Starfish,hedgehog and etc..

And here are our unforgetabble moment pics.. :)

With a tea girl at 'Tea House' in Beijing.
Climbing the Great Wall of China.. OMG really exhausted.
 Before climbing the Great Wall of China

 At 'Silk House'

At 'Jade House'

Behind us the Bird Nest Stadium

 Upon entering the Forbidden City

Behind us the building of National Performing Arts

 Terracotta statues

At Tienanmen Street

Okay that's it for now.. Wow.. too much pictures..hehe.. 
I hope you enjoy to see these pictures. Just do some sharing here.. :)
Once again, i can't wait for holiday.. I want to go for vacation again.. 
How about you?..
Well, I end this post here..
Have a fun Friday.. and exciting moment for the coming weekend :)

p/s:  i hope you really enjoy to see those pictures and tidak pening because of too much pictures hehe..



  1. Sya yang menang ni, paling awal komen..hehe..anyway..great vacation anf impressive pictures..sya munkin pencen baru dapat pi sana hahaha

  2. Bila lg kamu mo pigi sana?? Jom kita pigi sama2.. :D

  3. its cool..best tul lau dapat melancong macam nih.ikut pakej pelancongan ker nih stella?

  4. Gunsirit:
    Ko lah paling menang haha sbb no 1 komen hehe..
    Aih this year or next year pun ko boleh pigi bah tu.. jgn tggu smpi pencen bah..nnti nda larat jalan suda tu..haha

  5. Just:
    Entah..ndatau lagi Just.. Wow siok tu kita pigi sama2..hehe :D

  6. Biskut:
    Ya, ikut pakej ni Biskut. Kalau ikut pakej lagi murah tu.. :)

  7. another vacay entry! sioookk!! ba, waiting for the next one..hehe.

  8. Cindy:
    haha.. vacay post lg kan..hehe..ni dua ja yg d luar negara..the rest dlm malaysia sudah..hehe

  9. waaaa...sa pun mau ooo...i will, next time~finger crossed~!! ^_^

  10. So...after Korea, China...Japan suda kah?...hehehe...

    We enjoying looking at yr pics...kagum siorang tau ni.

    Gunsirit juga lah yg duluan bagi komen...heheh...

  11. Dev:
    ya, ko mesti pigi dev..rugi kalau nda pigi..hehe.. :)

  12. Wyne:
    Gunsirit tu lah no 1 ni kali haha..

    Korea suda, Beijing suda.. next mcm mo p Hong Kong and Bali haha.. Japan mahal bah mo pigi sana..tgk lah kalau ada ongkos..hehehe

  13. uinaa...men siok dia melancong..edeih..
    jeles sy owhh...:D

  14. Zurina:
    Ya ba siok..Jom kita p sama2 next time hehe

  15. next stop will be.....? Suprise.. :)

  16. i remember the Tienanmen place where thousands of people were killed... horrible thing to remember..

  17. seronok pergi negara org tgk culture and lifestyle. skrg nak pergi bercuti susah sbb ade anak yang dah kerja, kolej n sekolah. Semua schedule tak sama.Tunggu weekend je pun susah...hotel full

  18. gunsirit,pensen pun lum tau lg dapat pg sana owh..

    menarik mata Stella..

  19. Stephaine:
    Ya i remember about that horrible scene too.. They have to take it as lesson..

  20. aunt T:
    mmg seronok.. kalau mcm tu kena plan betul2 lah. pastikan semua org free baru dpt pegi melancong..

  21. Donny:
    ish ko ni..kasi lemah semangat si gunsirit haha..

    TQ for the visit :)

  22. its great......anak ya bisa pergi kayak gitu


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