04 December 2010

AnnieMing Christmas Giveaway

This a contest conducted by AnnieMing. She conducting it in conjunction of Christmas celebration..and i'm here participating this contest..hehe

The Requirements are:

1. Be AnnieMing's follower.   =  DONE.
2. Like AnnieMing on Facebook.  = DONE
3. Write an entry with your photo and tell a bit about this contest.  = ok..I'm doing it..
4. Put AnnieMing's contest badge on your blog and link to this post.  = DONE

{All you have to do is to submit a picture of you with your loved ones with the Christmas hats on. Christmas hats provided by AnnieMing so you have to paste it on your picture.. :)}

And here is our picture :)

-hubby and me-

This picture was taken last year during Christmas season at KLCC.
We went to KL then to Genting Highland last year for vacation for almost a week.
Wonder where's place to go this year..hehe..

Okay, i end this post here.
Have a fun and blessed weekend.
Well, did you bought Christmas present already?.. :)

Take care.


  1. Thanks for joining, Stel! Nice photo of you & ur hubby ^_^ Check out my Page on FB, your photo is ready for 'likes'.. Good luck! ^_^

  2. mak eii..contest saja nih stella.

  3. nice pic stel.. sia msh cari gmbr yg ngam for this contest.. huhuh..

  4. Wah...contest & give away lagi...how did you paste the caps? Instructions dia susah mau ikut bah..ahha

  5. AnnieMing:
    Okay, TQ Annie..harap2 ada harapan la mau menang hehehe

  6. Lizeewong:
    thanks, jgn lupa pigi like..hehehe

  7. Gunsirit:
    Itu hats ko copy and paste ja pakai adobe photoshop hehe..

  8. mcm best ni contest..hee..x berani join..


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