16 December 2010

10 Gift Ideas For Wife On Christmas

If you are a married man, you need to know these 10 gift ideas for your wife on Christmas. Getting your wife an excellent Christmas present is important, because she will remember it all year. Show your wife that she is truly special by giving her one of the best gift ideas for Christmas. Your wife is sure to love getting one or more of these best Christmas gift ideas.

   1. Jewelry. Jewelry is always a good Christmas idea for your wife. You can get your wife a piece of jewelry with her birthstone in it. To make this Christmas gift even more special, have her name engraved into the jewelry.

   2. Perfume. With perfume, you can either buy your wife's favorite perfume or buy her a new scent to try. If you need help picking out a new scent, you can ask a sales person for help in selecting a new scent. You can also ask female coworkers and friends what their favorite type of perfume is.

   3. Lingerie. Most women like to have at least a few nice pieces of lingerie in their wardrobe. It is extremely important that you buy the right size of lingerie, so check the sizes on the lingerie that your wife already owns. If you are unsure of what type to buy, a black bra and panty set is always a hit.

   4. Spa day. A gift certificate to a day at a spa is a great way to show your wife that you appreciate her. This gift idea for your wife on Christmas, will help her feel relaxed and rejuvenated. If you want to make this gift more romantic, plan on spending the day with your wife at the spa.

   5. Chocolate. Giving your wife chocolate as a gift on Christmas gives her an excuse to indulge. Don't just go and buy a box of cheap chocolates, instead splurge and buy her a box of expensive chocolates. If you know your wife's favorite brand of chocolate, it is best to buy that kind of chocolate for her.

   6. Satin Sheets. Satin sheets are a luxury that many women love, but just don't spend the money on themselves. For this Christmas gift idea, make sure you buy the sheets in the color that matches your bed's comforter. If you don't think you can match a sheet set to your comforter, white is usually a good color choice for satin sheets.

   7. Hand written Card. Never underestimate the power of a hand written card. Generally, women are much more sentimental then men, so this Christmas gift idea for your wife will mean the world to her. Before you make the card, really think of something special to write to your wife in the card.

   8. Robot vacuum. Normally, a vacuum would not be a great idea for your wife for Christmas. However, a robot vacuum is an excellent gift choice. With a robot vacuum all your wife will have to do is push a button and watch the robot vacuum clean her floors.

   9. Framed Picture. A framed picture of the two of you is a Christmas gift idea that your wife will treasure for years. If you have children, chose a picture of your you and your wife will your children. The key to making this present special is making sure you pick out a beautiful frame to go with a special picture.

  10.  Homemade Gift Certificates. With this gift idea for your wife on Christmas, you type and print out your own gift certificates. Some homemade gift certificate ideas are back rubs or taking an extra turn doing the dishes.

source: mademan.com

Stella says:
Okay this entry is for the husbands. :)
Whatever gift you gave to your wife, make sure it'll be memorable ever and meaningful. The most important is you treasure your relationship and Christmas will be more meaningful if both you able to spend time together to Church and sing along the Christmas carols as well as praying together.. :)



  1. great info! Sia mo lingerie! Waahahahahahah

  2. Just:
    sya pun! hahaha..

    thanks for visiting here..:)

  3. Richard:
    Mana2 ja..Semua sya suka dear..hehe

  4. saya harap husband sy len kali kasi hadiah sy snowman tiap2 hari krismas..heee...

  5. hahaha..nice ideas. sa suka tu robot vaccum. tapi kan, when it coomes to xmas gifts, sa tida pandai boring mo minta hand bag saja dr hubby bcos this the time i can ask for good and *cough* expensive one hehehe...tamak ni.

  6. Nancy Poh:
    hahaha..snowman pula ko mau aa..hehe

  7. chegu carol:
    wow ko ni mcm mom sya owh..mmg suuuuukaaaaa handbag..:)


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