15 November 2010

Staircase Good For YOU

Hi dear friends,
It's Monday,  15 November 2010,a new day of a week and it's the mid of month of November. So, have you shopped for Christmas?.. haha..too early?.. For me, I already bought some presents for all my family members. And I can't wait to give it to them..hehe..
I love to give gift because i love to see their smile when they unwrap the presents. I can feel some sort of peace and happiness in my heart when i see their smile.. :)
In other words, I am at bliss to see their happiness.. :)
I am planning to bring the whole family to celebrate Christmas in Kundasang. 
Hmm.. don't know if we can make it or not.. try to disucss with them about this sooner. 

So today, I would like to share with you the benefit of staircase.

Did you know that climbing staircase everyday can lengthen your life period?.. 

Taking staircase everyday compared to lift, able to prolong humans life. 
A study conducted by a group of European experts found out that those who had practiced on climbing up staircase everyday have a better quality of health. 
Not only that, their waistline shrink to 1.8 percent, 1.7 percent of fat and LDL cholesterol by 3.9 percent.  Through the collected data, the experts concluded that a person could reduce deaths by 15 percent due to any illness.

So start taking staircase today. If your office at 2nd or 3rd floor, you can challenge yourself and take a chance to use staircase. Maybe you can start once or twice a week as a beginner and increase the number of taking staircase to 3 times to 5 times. 

For me, my office is at 2nd floor. No lift provided, so i have to use staircase everyday. 
Same as well at home, my apartment is at 3rd floor, so i have to use staircase everyday since there's no lift provided too. 

Although i feel tired to climb up staircase everyday, but when I think in positive way, it can give a better health for me. I am so grateful. Thank GOD. :)

So take care of yourself. If you don't, then who will be.. :)

That's it for now.
Have a healthy Monday ..:)


  1. sa pun tiap ari naik turun tangga smp floor 2...bemasol da betis

  2. hahaha.. lucu sia baca komen c beaty.. 'bemasol'! bingung sia skjap.. ;p

    Ofis tgkat 11, rmh tgkat 9.. manada naik tangga. Nnt sia cari tangga utk dinaik.. sdg mo cabar c man behind p naik 272 anak tangga d Batu Caves ba ni.. huhu..

  3. nih kalau sampai 15 tingkat agak2 ko stella ko nak panjat jugak ker?

  4. mcm mana kalau naik kita pakai lif, turun baru pakai tangga...mcm selalu aku bt..heee..

  5. lepas tangga, next stop is mt. Kinabalu.. :)

  6. Hahahah. Just : ada mah tu tumbuh masol....actually Muscle bh..ko taw la kan dusunenglish bh tu

  7. Beaty: wow!..bermasol lah kaki ko tu kan..hahaha.. masol bah

  8. Just:
    'bermasol' haha..funny kan.. wow, kalau ko punya kes tu Just, nda payah la naik tu tangga haha..punya tinggi..maybe ko blh naik lah sampai tingkat 2 ja then lepas tu sambung naik lif haha

  9. Biskut:
    aiseh, naik tangga biar lah berpada-pada..haha.. ikut kemampuan..setakat ni smpi tingkat 4 sya mampu lah..haha

  10. nancy poh:
    wah..ko punya cara tu cara senang ja tu nancy..hehe..
    naik lg bgs sbb ko angkat bdn ko sendiri sbg load.. :)

  11. Beaty:
    haha..dusunenglish ciptaan ko ka tu beaty hahaha

  12. i walk a lot too.. kaki pun tagap,,haha..bida eh. tpi..yg penting..sihat la kn. since thre's so limited time to exercise..why not incorporate execercise in everything we do kn ? :)

  13. Ah..Just the motivation I need. Hehe. Thought about doing this but wheneverI see the lift, terus sia malas :)

    Maybe try once a week dulu la kan? :)

  14. NC:
    Betul ckp ko, kalau teda masa mau p jogging or gym, jalan2 or naik tangga pun blh jadi exercise juga..

    Haha..biar la bah kaki tagap, asalkan sihat..asalkan hubby ko suka hehe

  15. Lizee Wong:
    Ya, pelan2 tu Lizee..nda payah drastik.. once a week ka...or twice a week.. naik satu tingkat dulu, then 2 tingkat.. hehe


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