30 November 2010

Romantic Tips and Ideas for an Anniversary

Hello dear friends,
It's 30th November, the last day of the month. And tomorrow we will welcoming December with warm heart. Oh how i can wait December and finally it'll arrive tomorrow..hehe

Well, what actually happening on December. Yes, we're all knew that December is the celebrations for the Christians because this particular month is the celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, it is mostly known as Christmas Day celebration.

I love December sooooo much, not only because of Christmas and towards the New Year celebration, i love December because my birthday and hubby's birthday also fall in December. And to make life more happening and interesting, our wedding anniversary also fall in December. Now you can say that there are various joyous celebrations in a month. Full package celebrations hehehe..

Thinking of wedding anniversary, i would like it celebrated more in special way this year. But i don't really have idea how to proceed with it..  I searched for it on internet and i guess it's best I share this with you too.. :)

Romantic Tips and Ideas for an Anniversary

Little romantic tips and ideas can be the spark that keeps a loving fire alive, and what better occasion to be romantic than on an anniversary? It may be sweet, it may be cheesy, but whatever it is, romance is never a bad idea.

Know What Your Beloved Loves
When planning a romantic anniversary, remember to keep it personal. Even generic, romantic dinner ideas need to be molded for the exact person you're wooing. Chinese or Italian food, private or public table and candle or electric light all depend on your beloved's preferences.

Just Add Flowers
No matter what you have planned, adding flowers is usually a good idea. Flowers are usually first on the list for romantic tips for men, but women can take advantage of them as well. A bouquet is a quiet way of saying that just the small joy their beauty may bring is worth the money. However, make sure the flowers are in good condition. Cheap flowers suggest that it wasn't worth the time, effort or money to bring that special smile to your partner's face.

A Vacation Together at Home
Clean the house from top to bottom and send any kids or roommates away for the weekend. Rent some great movies you both want to see, and stock up on yummy food, drinks and lots of popcorn. Place all the phones on silent and take a vacation in your own home. Spend your anniversary time relaxing. Though not overtly romantic, taking a break and rejuvenating together helps restore that sensual aspect to any relationship.

Put Your Love in Writing
If you have a way with words, think about lavishing those thoughts and feelings on your beloved. Write a loving note or poem for each year you've been married. If it's your ten-year anniversary, write ten poems. Attach a flower to each poem. Start giving your spouse the poems before your anniversary, so that the last one lands on that special date.

source: life123.com

Okay, that's it for now. 
I hope this tips not only give some ideas for me, but for you too.. :)
Take care.



  1. wow!! nice tips stella syg..

    uik, aku buang suda chtbox tu,
    dulu ada... tp tpaksa remove ni sbb byk anasir jahat..

  2. adreynie:
    hehe..tq..share2 maa..kekeke

    Ala.. ko buang chatbox ko pla..adeiii..mau singgah2 nda dpt leave my footprint sana..uhuhuu

  3. i love december too cos i get to have tow pressies from each family member. yay!

  4. Thanks Stel. Nice tips! Uitss.. kamu dua2 pun bday bln 12 pulak... Ya ba kan.. we shud have pick Dec as our wedding also laa... hmm..

    bila kunun tarikh2 keramat kamu ni.. ;p

  5. Tips yang magayat ginawo Stella :)

    Dec sudah mau mari... apapun saya mau ucapkan selamat tinggal nov dan welcome december...semoga gembira selalu :)

  6. Wow..! cool tips this..! I like.. :)

  7. praktik romantik yang berterusan..good tips Stella.
    Hepi2 selalu ok...

  8. chegu carol:
    wow..good for you..sya pula teda mcm tu..uhuhuhhhu

  9. Just:
    Haha..December bay bah kami ni.. Oh ya, ko sama hubby ko pun December juga kan..hehe! Btw, baru sya nmpk td, bday hubby ko and hubby saya, sama pula date drg! What a coincidence..hehe..

    Date keramat, 29th hehe!

  10. Donny:
    Magayat ginawo aa..hehehe!

    Ya, selamat tinggal November, and welcome December :)

  11. Biskut:
    Ya, praktikkan slu supaya pjg umur hehe..Have a loving2 day hehe

  12. Sta butul2 sukung the tips with one adduition..with a candle light dinner..tapi mesti ada tumpung..ehhe

  13. Saya butul2 sukung your tips but with one addition..with a candle light dinner..tapi mesti ada tumpung..ehhe

    (p/s-delete comment sya yg mula2..banyak ejaan salah, hahaha)

  14. u guys are soo romantic :)
    happy anniversary in advance ya :)

  15. Kalau saya sudah kahwin, I will chose A Vacation Together at Home :)
    No need to worried about budget, hahaha...

  16. Nahhh..kan ramai juga yang datang buat komen di sini nie..hehehe!

  17. Gunsirit:
    aaa..haha..ko mmg..wajib ada tumpung kenen.. btw, apa tu tumpung?..hehehe :P

  18. Sumandak Kinabalu:
    Bah capat2 la kawen hehehe.. enjoy bah :)

  19. Wyne:
    Siok gia ni topic. Semua pun trus jadi "LOVE in the AIR" punya spirit hahaha

  20. bagus ni tips.
    Sya simpan dulu aaah Stella. tahun depan baru sya pakai. Hehehehehe....


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