22 November 2010

Award from Gorgeous Ramblings

Hello everyone..
It's Monday again.. How was your weekend?..For me, i spent a lot of time with my sisters. Since it is school holiday, my sisters are coming with me. I mean staying at my house. Therefore, i don't have much time to update my blog as well as blogwalking. I let them use the pc since they're here for only a week,starting yesterday. They only staying for a week, i guess so!..haha

Well, i think i am so left behind already. Left behind about my blogger friends posts. I hope it's not too late to do some blogwalking this morning. Well, i can do some online things when in office but have to be careful not to be caught for blogging haha..for sure!

Okay, today i would like to say THANK YOU sooooo much!..to Wyne for presenting me the 'Superb Ladies Blogger Award'. :)

I know she's a busy lady but still manage to give awards to her blogger friends. How sweet!
I love to read her blog.. it's fun to read her ramblings haha.. And not just that, she is so dare to show off about the good things planted in herself. Well, this is a good thing..isn't. Feel good about yourself, think positively and no need to claim extolment from others. Let it come naturally.. do you agree?.. And most important is don't over do it..hehe!

Okay that's it for now.
Thanks again to dear Wyne.. you are so sweet lady..:)
May peace and blessing always be with YOU :)

Have a blessed Monday.:)


  1. happy blogging again...cuti sekolah sdh kan..syok p mandi sungai..

  2. Agreed with u psl c Mouren... urg bilang berani mati mo show off.. hahaha.. mengumpat skjap.. ;p Sory sis Mouren.. :D

  3. Nancy poh:
    Thanks..i am back! hehe
    Ya ba cuti skolah..mana sungai yg mau d mandi aa..hmmm

  4. Muahahaha! Ilang Monday blues sy hari ni...

    Thank Q for supporting me, Stella. Bah, jumpa2 kita nanti kio!

  5. Just:
    Haha..ko ni Just..it's a good thing ba.. sendiri puji diri, sepa lg kalau bkn diri sendiri. Feel good about urself.. Selalu fun owh sya baca post dia..haha..

    Happy Monday :)

  6. Wyne:
    Thanks again to u Wyne.. haha..
    Hilang Monday blues aa..tu yg bgus tu hehe..

    Ya, someday..hehe :)

  7. Congrat...sya jarang2 dapat award..hehehe

  8. Gunsirit:
    Ada ba tu nanti hehe..
    Saya sgt gumbira krn kwn2 appreciate my post.. :)
    Yg penting itu kwn ba..sama2 dlm ni blogworld :)

  9. Congrats...wink2
    Saya pun banyak ketinggalan nie...
    Like you, saya pun kena hati2 sbb dont want to be caught red handed, hahahaha...
    At home, line broadband not very good bah...

    In life, be true to yourself. As a women, we have to appreciate for what we are...and YES, sometimes need to show off! hehehe...

  10. Sumandak kinabalu:
    haha..sometime need to show off aa..hehehe..ko mmg one head sm si Wyne hehe.. Be yourself and be grateful for what you have..

    Have a great day


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