03 November 2010

Re-use Plastic Bottle Cap

I checked my gmail just now and came across this.
This was sent by my mom's friend.
I found it's interesting, so I share this with you.
Maybe you can try this at home hehe.. :)

How to seal a plastic bag and make it air-tight.

Cut up a disposable water bottle and keep the neck and top,  
as in photo.

Insert the plastic bag through the neck and screw the top – to seal.

The bottle is made to be air-tight, such that water will not leak,  
the secret lies with the top and screw.. 
This is a great idea to share. Good for us and the environment too. 

I never try this before. Maybe i'll try it someday. :)
That's it for now.

Take care. :)


  1. What a creative way to recycle a plactic bottle cap. Never think anything about this.

  2. napa sia nda terpikir ni aa.. after this, semua botol2 akan digunting dulu sblm dibuang..

    thanks for great idea.

  3. Zezebel:
    I never think of that before too :)
    Creative isn't. :)

  4. Just:
    Haha.. semua botol ko mo gunting penutup dia..bgus tu..x waste kan Just.. :)

    Ya, ni sya dpt dr emel ni Just.. :)

  5. this idea is so cool..! like this very much.. bnyk tu botol d rumah kan dear.. :)

  6. What a great idea! Why can't I think of this before??

  7. ya kan.. smart pula idea ni. biasanya sa kumpul botol2 tu banyak2 then bg kwn sa. dia jual.. dpt juga la pulangan. kalau sa malas jual, sa bg saturang uncle yg bw van recycle. dia selalu p korek2 sampah dkt ruma sa, jd sa bg dia.. happy btul dia kalau dpt botol2.. lepas ni sa tau suda la mcm mana mau simpan makanan supaya nda masuk angin.

    thanks for sharing this! :)

  8. Nina manson:
    I never think of this before too :)

  9. LadyKath:
    haha.. baik hati oh ko...:)
    nah at least ko tau suda kegunaan recycle botol ni hehe..:)

    hantar p recycle pun ok juga, dpt duit hehe.. tp if u can do something useful why not kan..

  10. Richard:
    Ya ba..bnyk pula botol d rumah ni..haha..how i can forgot that dearie..atukoi

  11. Hai Stella...
    This is interesting. Will try it and it's creative la. Follow you and add your blog in my blog list. Drop by sometime. God bless you! :-)

  12. Rose Ragai:
    TQ for visiting here :)
    Ya, it's interesting. Will follow you and add your blog in my blog list.

    God bless you too :)

  13. Wow!!!! ^_^ creative and useful...lepas ni sa mo gunting 'para' bottles yg ada dirumah bikin tutup tu kekacang yg perlu di simpan dalam plastic..hehehe


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