08 November 2010

Avoid Diseases During Rainy Season

 Hello dear readers, how is your Monday so far?..
I am dealing with cold climate today..
Freezing here in office because i forgot to bring my socks.
I better remind myself to bring them tomorrow or else I'll get sick!

It is raining heavily now and I am really upset because when it
comes to rainy season, especially when it's raining heavily,
this internet line always in bad shape. It's getting slower and it's hard for me to
do some blogwalking.

I miss to do some blogwalking to my blogger friends.
And I am so sorry to those bloggers that I'm not returning visit yet.
Will do so from time to time depending on this internet line situation.
For now, I would like to share with you about how to prevent from disease
during rainy season. I am sure most of us afraid of diseases infection mostly flu and
fever during this rainy season..

SO, ARE you ready to face the rainy season this year? Like what you are dealing with preparation and anticipation of the rainy season? Remember, the rainy season is not only synonymous with flood disasters, but also disease. There are several diseases that often occur during this season, including sinusitis, flu, dengue fever, and diarrhea.

Here are some tips to avoid the diseases that often haunt you during the rainy season:

Prevent Sinusitis
- Hard working, diligent hand washing. This simple action proved effective for reducing the risk of contracting respiratory diseases. As much as possible avoid contact with those who are exposed to a cold cough.
- When you use air conditioning, clean filters frequently to dust, mold, and various things that might be triggering allergies can be reduced. Similarly, the carpet and sofa.
- Eating food and warm drinks, especially the list of four of five perfectly healthy.
- Avoid smoking and try to breathe the morning air while exercising.
- Wear a raincoat or an umbrella when it rains. Use masks when positioned in areas prone to pollution.

Prevent Flu
- Rest enough. Get plenty of rest will strengthen the immune system.
- Wash hands. Hand washing is very important to avoid infection. Most of the flu virus spreads through direct contact. Thus, frequent hand washing with soap and, if possible, with warm water.
- Avoid contact with sufferers. Flu virus also spread through the air and saliva. Therefore, avoiding close meeting with flu patients.
- Eat foods with nutrient-balanced. Consumption of foods containing phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are natural chemicals that exist in plants which provide vitamins in foods. This type of substance found in fresh fruits and vegetables are green, red and dark yellow.
- Exercise regularly. A time to myself to exercise. No need to exercise. What matters can be done regularly, such as jogging or light calisthenics.
- Do not smoke. Heavy smoker more vulnerable to flu. Secondhand smoke can cause the respiratory system dry, and thus more easily attacked by viruses.
- Drink plenty of water. Water serves up toxins in the body. Adults need eight glasses of water a day.

Prevent Dengue Fever
- Air or water reservoirs must be covered to prevent mosquitoes laying eggs in the place and drained at least twice a week, so the eggs do not hatch into larvae of mosquitoes.
- Drive away mosquitoes with insect repellent before going to sleep, or you can use mosquito repellent pads.
- Keep the neatness. Do not hang clothes. Better to fold it, because the clothes could be hiding places depending on the mosquito aedes aegypti. Clean every day and the desk drawer in your room. Dispose of paper drawer unused because the dirty and unkempt can also become mosquito breeding.
- Abatisation. Abatisation powder is sprinkled abate on-site water reservoirs. Abatisation may be repeated every 2-3 months. Abate is not harmful to humans. Abatisation only at places where stagnant water, such as bathtub, flower pot and a small ditch. Do not sprinkle abate the water flowing. Abate also good sprinkled water to places that are difficult drained or cleaned.

Prevent Diarrhea
- Familiarize yourself to maintain cleanliness by washing hands and feet after traveling.
- Wear footwear to prevent the spread and entry of dirt or parasites through the skin.
- Do not buy food anywhere.
- Clean the gutters, especially a clogged, remove the garbage in its place.
- Expand to drink vitamin and nutrient intake to maintain body condition.
- Provide always ORS at home.

Source: shvoong.com

Let us take caution during this rainy season.
Don't take things for granted and don't take it as easy thing.
Prevention is always better than cure.
We can make a change.. :)

Till then, Have a sweet Monday :)


  1. I like it, it interesting, and inspired me to eat healthier food&vitamin. :D thanks for the info sis...

    yeah~prevention is always better than cure! =)

  2. Bagus ni entry Stella...
    Senang dapat penyakit kalau musim hujan terutama tu flu...
    Satu orang ja kena, the whole family kena extra careful sebab senang berjangkit...

  3. I like the prevent diarrhea part as it always visit me during my hols nda kira la ujung taun ka tgh taun.buyuk btl ni..btw, blessed Monday!:)

  4. sya sakit nda pa.. jgn anak sakit... hrp2 nda sakit ja la.. apa lg mo ckp. heeheheh..

  5. Michelle:
    Your welcome.. mau jaga kesihatan bah kan time2 ujan ni..bahaya..

    have a great day :)

  6. Sumandak Kinabalu:
    Ya betul..tu yg nda siok..cepat spread ba tu flu terutamanya time ujan2 ni.. So be extra careful..

  7. Cindy:
    Haha..sabar ko..be extra careful and extra hygiene.. okay tu lama2 hehe

    Thanks for commenting here :)

  8. Just:
    Jgn gitu Just..ko pun penting juga..kalau ko sakit, sepa jaga anak2 ko nnti..hehe..

    Take care kio..

  9. baik lar doc stella...akan dipergunakan info nih sebaiknya.

  10. jaga lah kesihatn.. amalkan pemakanan yg seimbang.. dan lakukan senaman sekurang-kurangnya 3 kali seminggu.. :p

  11. thanks for sharing!
    reminds me to eat healthy food!

  12. Hi Stella

    You know the hardest thing for me to do is the drinking-8-glasses-of-water part. I always force myself to drink water and still i dont think I'm drinking enough! :)

    I love the tips.

  13. Richard:
    Dearie, that's good advice hehe

  14. Stephaine:
    Welcome.. It is important to take care of ourself during this rainy day

  15. Lizee:
    Same here..sometime i forgot to drink water.. But, i still force my self to drink plenty of water everyday..hehe

    Have a nice day

  16. Selsema tu paling bhaya.
    kalau macam saya, selalu mandi air panas. jangan makan yang sejuk-sejuk.

  17. c3kz:
    u got flu already?..alala..
    take care.mkn ubat

  18. Zezebel:
    betul tu...jgn minum yg sejuk2..slu mandi awal dan mandi air suam2..minum air suam..

  19. Very informative, especially with the climate these days.. Thanks for sharing!


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