10 November 2010

Top 2010 Movies

Planning for watching movies this weekend?.. I found this top 10 box office movies in year 2010. You might haven't watch some of them yet.  So i share with you this list. Most of the movies had been released in cinema. Perhaps you can look for DVD's or CD's sells at stores near to your place. 

Top 10 Box Office Movies List 2010 

1) Alice in Wonderland
2) Toy Story 3
3) Shrek Forever After
4) Inception
5) The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
6) Iron Man 2
7) Clash of the Titans
8) How to Train Your Dragon
9) Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time
10) The Karate Kid
All-Time Top Box Office: Avatar (2009)

To read the synopsis of the movies read HERE.
source: squidoo.com

Meanwhile, as I browse through Golden Screen Cinema site, now showing movies are:-

Adele: Rise Of The Mummy - English (PG13)  

Cuti-cuti Cinta - Malay (U) *  
Estet - Malay (U)  
Love Cuts - Mandarin (PG13)  
Megamind - English (U)  
Megamind (3D) - English (U)  
RED - English (18) *  
Takers - English (18)  
The Child's Eye - Cantonese (PG13) *  
The Other Guys - English (PG13) *  
Unstoppable - English (PG13)  

To read synopsis of the movies, click HERE.
So, which movie are you planning to watch?..
Till then, have a pleasant week.. MySpace


  1. since we came back from Perth, we never set foot on the cinema sampai la today. tambah2 lagi my salary was temporary halted for a month. that's the longest record we've not been out for movies - 2 months. sebab usually every week mmg pigi cinema.

  2. so apa katakita p tgk wayang ni minggu.. :P

  3. chegu carol:
    wah lama juga owh..2 months..bt cammana jg kan kalau budget tight. Bah kalau ada HBO atau Star Movies d rumah tu, blh jg kan tingu movie dr rumah ja hehe..

  4. Richard:
    yeay!! apa wyg..hehe
    pssstt.. ada org terima gaji suda hehe

  5. waaa... sakit2 pun msh movie mood aa.. bikin ilang sakit ba tu kan.. tmbh lg tu man behind sdh bg greenlite tu.. ;p

  6. Just:
    Ini laini Just..masi lg ada mood ba bermovie haha..
    Tu la ada greenlite suda..haha

  7. Alalala...sa pun lama sdh ni tidak pi tgk wayang tau...paling last yg bln 8 sana KL sama hubby...huhuhu...

  8. Memeljoan:
    actually sya pun lama nda tgk movie..mau p la kunun ni nnti.. klu sihat2 suda

  9. aku masih fikir filem Seabiscuit n Seven Pound yg terbaik...Apapon dah lama sangat tak tengok wayang..hampir sepanjang tahun.Asyik layan dvd jak.

  10. Si biskut:
    ya..7 pound best..tp sea biscuit sya blm pernah tingu..hehe
    Sama lah, sya pula asyik layan korean drama ja, sama HBO haha

  11. adele:the rise of the mummy serious lucu hahaha

  12. Tim:
    ya ka..mo tgk la nnti hehe..
    TQ for visiting here.. :)


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