15 November 2010

GOOD News to Chocolate Milk Lover

-Chocolate Milk Helps in Muscle Recovery-

What should you eat after strenuous exercise or competition? Many studies have shown that eating a protein-rich meal as soon as possible after this hard workout hastens muscle recovery. Intelligently increased workloads make an athlete stronger, and anything that helps you recover faster allows you to do more work. When you feel the burn during intense exercise, you are damaging your muscle fibers. The pain that you feel 8 to 24 hours after a hard workout is due to muscle damage. It is now fairly well established that your muscles recover faster if you eat protein as soon as possible after a hard workout or competition.

You'll be happy to know that a study from Indiana University in Bloomington shows that chocolate milk helps athletes to recover faster from hard exercise than drinks that replaced only carbohydrates or fluid alone (International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, February 2006).

Chocolate milk is the ultimate recovery aid for exhausted muscles. It is chalked full of nutrients that help build up the muscles and prevent them from depleting. It also reduces the risk of muscle damage when exercising through the essential amino acids found in the protein. These proteins work in harmony in order to repair and restore muscle composition and allow the body to build leaner muscle in order to become healthier and fit for anyone who participates in exercising. Amino acids are the building blocks of life and chocolate milk contains very important amino acids that aid in the recovery of muscle as well as building it. Studies have revealed that exercise depletes levels of glycogen in the muscles which allows your body to keep on going...

Stella Says:
I always love chocolate milk since I was a kid and i didn't know that chocolate milk is 
really helpful in muscle recovery. I am sure most of you love to drink chocolate milk too.
Certainly, it is good news for chocolate milk lover..  :)


  1. coklat panas utk cecah biskut.kombinasi yang cun.hehe

    stella,napa payah sgt nak reg kat twitter.

  2. keluar gas gaster kat perut sy nmpak ni minuman coklat...mcm terasa dah lidah sy sma tu cairan coklat..terliur ohh..

  3. This is definitely a great good news for me.. :) bukan apa.. jimat duit nda paya p beli whey protein mau kasi tagap badan heheheh.. minum coklat sj siap.. :)

  4. hi thanks for coming by.. can you drop me an email? reanact@gmail.com


  5. Hahahahah!!!! Now I can drink this heavenly drink without an inch of guilt!! Thanks for sharing this. XX

  6. Lps ni.. order choc milk la.. ;p

  7. Biskut:
    Coklat panas cicah dgn biskut mmg kegemaran sya juga hehehe..

    aih, ya ka?..try lg.. :)

  8. Nancy Poh:
    hahaha..itu la tujuan dia..hehehe..

  9. Richard:
    yes, true.. sesuai for body builder.. yg mau build muscle tu blh try chocolate milk

  10. Reanaclaire:
    Ok, will do..
    thanks for visiting here.
    have a nice day

  11. Fely:
    wah..ko lah paling hepi kan Fely hehehe

    have a great day

  12. Just:
    nah..order seja..hehehe..

    Have a pleasant week, just

  13. wah~ inda paya la sa susah hati makan coklat ni~~ aahahhaa

  14. Claire:
    Ya betul tu..minum ja choco milk.. mkn coklat pun blh juga but dont too much la hehe


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