09 November 2010

Honey Improves Your Immune System

-Honey Lemon Tea-

Hello dear blogger friends.. 
I am not able to do some blogwalking since this morning.
I'm not feeling well. All of sudden, i got this stomachache. 
I didn't turned up to office today. I went to clinic around 11am and after that
resting myself the whole day at home.

Now I feel a little ease and try to do some
update here.  I miss blogging and my cycle of blogger friends too..
So how are you all doing today?.. I hope everything is fine.. :)
Take care of yourself especially during this rainy season okay..

For now I want to share this with you the goodness of honey.
Honey is a natural energy generator and capable to boost the body immune system.
You can mix some honey and a slice of lemon into a cup of tea.

Honey lemon tea can be used as medication to calms cold, cleanse the digestive system and restore your mood.

So, take a cup of honey lemon tea today to restore your mood and get some clean digestive system.. :)

Till then, Have a great Tuesday.


  1. Another nice info.. =) emm,ngam2 ada lemon,honey &tea d rmh. mau mnum la nant wlupun sihat2 hehe...

    Get well soon! :D

  2. I am making honey lemon tea now.
    *nyum* *nyum*

  3. mmg sia rasa ko mc ba ni ari.. dr kemarin lg ko nda sehat kan.. ba, rest2 la kio..

  4. get well soon dear.. :) mmg sadap tu tea honey lemon.. :)

  5. its right..bagi yang kaki minum n slalu drunk,honey lemon slalu digunakan untuk cover pening/mabuk.
    Bagi yang mabuk laut pon buah nie sesuai sangat.

  6. get well soon pretty!!
    and I'm going to try that one tomorrow...

  7. take a good rest aa..sa pun baru sempat mau blogwalk ni :)

  8. Hi Stella... Apa mcm ko skrng? Sihat sudah kah? Jaga kesihatan kio... ***Prihatin ni*** Pening2 juga sya ni sbb exam tapi masi bule juga lah mansau2 pegi blog2... Hehe.... Bah, happy wednesday...

  9. ngam2, sa mau cuba sudah ni, muahahahaha (tapi sa tak berapa minum tea bah ni).

    takpa, untuk kesihatan, sa minum juga, yeah!

    thanks ah for the info, nge3x

  10. Cepat sembuh aah Stella...
    And take your time...

  11. Michelle:
    hehe..bah good..minum honey lemon tea ni hari..:)

    TQ for ur concern..masi sakit2 ni..

  12. Zezebel:
    Wow..great..that's good!
    Harap2 mengembalikan mood :)

  13. Just:
    Ya betul..masi x sihat ni..masi d rumah..sakit2 perut..gastric ba kali ni.. TQ for ur concern..

  14. Chegu Carol:
    Thanks for ur concern.
    Pray for me..

  15. Richard:
    Thanks dearie..
    Thanks for the concern.. Pray for me..

  16. Biskut:
    Ya betul..sya pun pernah dgr mcm tu..
    Eh mcm ada pengalaman ja tu..hehe

  17. Stephaine:
    Thanks for the concern dear..
    Yes, try it :)

  18. Mrd Graig:
    Thank you..Ya sya rindu mau jalan2 d blog kwn2 juga ni :)

  19. MosePA:
    Masi nda sihat ni..masi sya d rumah..
    Thanks sbb visit2 sini..bah take care kio..GOOD luck for ur exam..:)

  20. Azura:
    bah ko try2 ja ba..manatau ngam pula di tubuh bdn ko hehe

  21. Sumandak Kinabalu:
    TQ sumandak...yes, i'm taking my time lah ni..tp rindu ba mau visit2 blog kamu semua uhuhuuu


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