02 November 2010

Prayer for the Departed..

It's been 12 years today since he left us.
I still remember his smile, love and kindness.
I miss him so much..

Since today is All Souls Day , 
let us pray for our family members, friends and relatives 
who are now gone from this earth, 
to those who are departed, 
may all of them resting in peace. 
May GOD not only remembering all the bad deeds while they were on earth, 
but recalling back all the good deeds that they had done on earth. 
May GOD save their souls from purgotary and place them
eternally in heaven..


  1. I really wish I can visit my grandparents in the cemetery with the whole family. We always do it every year. I'm not sure if it's gonna happen, everyone's been busy. I just hope we can take the time, maybe this weekend, to visit.

  2. HalfCrazy:
    I hope you can make time for the visit. The most important is your prayer for them :)

  3. Setiap yang masih hidup sentiasa mendoakan orang2 yang terlebih dahulu pergi daripada mereka..

  4. Biskut:
    Ya benar..:)
    mari lah kita doakan mereka

  5. May the souls of the departed rest in peace..

    Not visiting graves like it used to be before since I'm studying away from home. Hopefully will be able to do so when I'm back home.

    God bless..

  6. I don't really pray but when it comes to them, I do. I don't think it counts as praying too. I talk to them in my mind. Haha!

  7. LadyKath:
    Ya, hope u'll be able to do so.. :)

  8. Halfcrazy:
    I am sure it counts too. When u want them rest in peace, that count prayer already :)

  9. A prayer goes to all the souls. I pray that they all rest in eternal peace with the Lord Jesus in heaven. Amen..


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