30 November 2010

7 Qualities of a Good Wife

Whether you're a man looking for a good wife or a wife wanting to improve yourself, your marriage or your relationship - take a look at these 7 qualities of a good wife. Good fruit will come from these basic qualities anyone can develop.

7) Nag free. Ladies, a good wife is going to be nag free. Nagging is an ineffective method of trying to get your husband to perform a task you desire. Trust me ladies - it doesn't work and often will have the opposite of its intended affect.

6) Supportive. Are you supportive? What does it mean to be supportive? Do you belittle your man or do you help him to feel good about himself, his job, activities? Your husband will be much more respectful of you if you support him. Even when you don't agree with him - respectfully let him know you don't agree - then support him anyway. Otherwise, if he has difficulties - he'll feel as though you're adding to his troubles.

5) Build up your man. Ladies, there's no quicker way to build resentment in your man than to criticize him - especially in front of others. On the flip side - try genuinely complementing your husband in front of other people. Your husband will glow with admiration toward you and you'll feel his appreciation as love.

4) Keep him happy in the bedroom. Unfortunately, many women underestimate the importance of keeping her man's needs met. Often this comes from the basic differences in women and men. For men, sexual desire is much like physical hunger and if it's not fed properly - the relationship will struggle. Women must look to understand the needs of the man from his perspective not hers.

3) Respect. A good wife will try to treat her man with respect. How? Much of learning how to be respectful toward your husband has to do with the way you talk to him. The old phrase "It's not so much what you say but how you say it" should become a wife's motto. This doesn't mean you need to be careful what you say to your husband - just be respectful in the way you say it.

2) Communicate. Ironically, good communication between men and women can be quite frustrating. However, a good wife will seek to discover what's on her mind and find a way to express herself to her husband. Often, men and women will make a joint decision - while the man thinks she's in agreement with him - but only to discover later that she thought the decision was a bad idea.

1) Be pleasant. Work to be pleasant toward your husband. Don't be one of those people who makes everyone around you feel bad just because you've had a hard day. Good things will come from being pleasant. It's a decision - just decide to be pleasant. But if you can't be pleasant - make a decision not to bring him down with you.

Stella says:
So, wives.. are you included in those 7 qualities?... Check yourself and you might examine yourself by asking your man, or otherwise you can try to memorize it yourself for how have you been as a wife to someone you love. :)

I hope this become of a good tips for us to remember..
Till then, have a pleasant week.


  1. Sya suka yg "Keep him alive in the bedroom" hahaha..

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. a good wife..a good husband..sometimes its very hard to be THAT perfect kn..
    but..least we try.
    thnks for sharing stella :)
    im sure ur a great wife.

  4. Thank god that cooking is not part of it!! ;D Sometimes I nagged too! As usual, he ignores it! D*mn! I was once underestimate the 'bedroom'!

    Long way to go to be a GOOD wifey!

  5. hehe..sa blum jadi wife lagi ni..heheh tapi kan ble jadi panduan ni

  6. nanti sa suru laki sa baca and kasi tick if i passed all the nines...hahahaha

  7. Nice post!
    Tapi.. I'm definitely not 'fit' to even be a wife. Hahaha! I respect you all, wives!!

  8. @nina can I just say the motion has been seconded..

  9. Gunsirit:
    Haha..ko memang..haha..suruh wife ko baca ni..

  10. DreamChaser:
    You don't have to be so perfect. It's good enough if you could make your spouse happy and full of LOVE..hehe!

  11. Just:
    Haha..luckily there's no cooking part huh!..hehe..

    Well, you can copy this as your tips.. Remember it always. :)

  12. Beaty:
    Ini bekalan utk ko di masa hadapan haha

  13. chegu carol:
    hahaha..bah ko suruh la dia..hehe!

  14. Stephaine:
    Well, maybe you can improve. :)
    and find a better one. GOD bless.

  15. haiz...it's a no wonder i'm still single..i'm not fit to be a wife...ahhahahaa~

  16. haiz...it's a no wonder i'm still single..i'm not fit to be a wife...ahhahahaa~

  17. Angel Bear:
    haha..take ur time bah..still young kan..

  18. Uik.
    banyak tips-tips bernas ni.
    Buli simpan guna untuk tahun depan. Hehehehehe....

  19. Zezebel:
    hehe, bah ko simpan ja..hehe..berguna tu.. :)

  20. Komen pertama (Gunsirit) bikin sy tdk berenti ketawa...haha!

  21. Wyne:
    Haha..ko tau la si Gunsirit..mcm2 ja haha



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