29 November 2010

WSB Poster 29thNovember 2010

 WSB Poster for 29th November 2010

Good morning everyone.. As i surf my Facebook this morning, i saw this information about WSb poster for this week. I am so amaze by the color. It's so nice and purple is one of my favorite color too beside of blue. I can spot my name towards below of the poster which is written in blue color... hehe!

So, can you spot your name?.. Well, if you are blogger and a Sabahan, you can be a WSB member and your name will be put in poster every week. :)

So, if you want to become a member, enter HERE.
Yes, come on.. Join it and you can feel it is so nice to know those friendly Sabahan bloggers being gather in this union of Sabahan bloggers. Plus, there are activities too that you can participate which organize by the admin itself. So, get to know more Sabahan bloggers. Make sure you are in there.. :)

Till then, see you there! :)



  1. Wyne:
    ya ilove purple too..
    Thanks for visiting here. Have a nice monday :)

  2. Singgah2 ni cari minum kalau ada...ehhe

  3. Gunsirit:
    Ko mau minuman apa hehe..Thanks for singgah2 here

  4. Just:
    yeay..we're the same :)
    thanks for the visit

  5. Macam makin kecil nama saya, haha...
    Tiada kesempatan bah mau masuk tu chat room...
    Apapun, sokonglah bloggers Sabahan! Kalau bukan kita, siapa lagi kan...

  6. Sumandak Kinabalu:
    Ya..betul! Sokong lah bloggers Sabahan. Kita ja harapan ni hehehe

  7. ada berapa nama sabahan blogger ja yang aku kenal..banyak lagi rupanya yang aku belum kenal.nama aku memang tada lagi sbb aku belum register.hehe.WSB terus maju..!

  8. Biskut:
    ba capat2 la register..ko ni pun..mau tggu lama2 lg hehehe..
    Jgn tggu lama2 kekeke

  9. makin ramai org ba kn :) mine is oso gitu2 sja hahaha :)

  10. NC:
    Ya makin ramai member. Lagi meriah :)


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