09 July 2012

Can't Wait August

Hello dear friends, it's Monday.
Feels like a blue Monday?.. Don't be. Be positive and just think that the time will pass soon. Trust me, time really flies real soon. :D

So what is so interesting about August?.. Well, it would be a big event for my dearest son, Gabriel. He will turn 1 year old on the 25th of August. It feels like time really flies.

For some reason, I feel a bit sad but at the same time I'm happy too because Gabriel is showing his best to be a part of a toddler soon.

Yes, he is very active nowadays. Sometime I couldn't cope with his movement. He moves here and there, crawls here and there too. Phew! Very challenging, but I take this as a challenge of a mother to do.

There is another reason of why I can't wait August. Will blog it out soon. Maybe not in the next post. But definitely soon. :)

Maybe you can guess what it is?.. Hehehe..

Ok that's it for today. Have a great Monday to begin the week. I hope it will become a great week for you. :D

God bless.


  1. apa tu ah yg another reason? pigi melancong jauh2 ka? hehe..

  2. Happy Bday to Gabriel! Love toddler age, they're cutest at that age :)

  3. :).. Stell, ko rakam ba baby G beraksi, trus ko upload.. :D..

    1. Oh ya Aki, ada bnyk sdh tu video dia. Nanti sya upload.. :)

  4. Misti p vacay kan stel.. Cepatnya 1thn kan! :)


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